Push Yourself

Week 4 again

Well, I managed 32 in my test last week, which would have been just enough to move on to week 5, but I really didn't see much point since there was no way I would have stood the pace, so I did week 4 again, this time starting in column 3.

I managed day 1 OK but even then the final set was something ridiculous like 33, so I was never going to make that. Day 2 I didn't finish the 4th set so I moved back to column 2 for day 3. At least I seem to have progressed a bit since that same workout last week. I completed the first 4 sets and managed 25/33 for the last. I'll do the test again tonight but assuming I haven't moved backwards in the test, I'll probably move on this time, even if it's in W5 col 1.

How is everyone else doing? Anyone avoided repeats and finishing up week 5 soon?


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Wow your doing well 25 that's great, your our inspiration


Whoops, life got in the way last week. I'll start w4 tonight, honest!! ;)


Done w4d1, easy column. The number of reps really ramps up this week, doesn't it! Very tough indeed!


Week 5 next - ooer - just had a look! Not sure which day I will be starting but will be some time in the next week. Better book a physio I think!