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Push Yourself

It's Week 4 - too weak 4 it!

Not really coping here with week 4, column 2. Managed D1 OK (a little short on set 5) but the number is escalating quickly and by D2 I fell short on the 4th set for the first time. Previously I've sometimes struggled on the final set but for D2 and D3 I was a few short in set 4 and set 5 was way below the target.

I am making progress. W4D3 saw me get above 100 in 5 sets for the first time - 113 in total, which sounds good until you notice that the target was 130! However, set 2 was 28 and two weeks ago my exhaustion test was 26 so I am getting stronger - just not at the monumental rate needed to keep up with the program.

I'm undecided here. I think I'll probably do the exhaustion test tomorrow and see what I get. If I make 36 then I'll probably carry on to week 5, starting in the middle column. If I get less then I'll re-do week 4 but move to column 3. I don't see much point in moving on to week 5 column 1 because there's no way I'll pass the week 5 test if I do.


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Wow!! 113 is an epic number of press ups. Whatever you decide to do next week, you're achieving great things. :)