Gone into I don't care mode

Since I have had 16 hrs of care days and night sits I thought it would get easier reported then one for when the have sent a completely new person then the night sit is logging onto my Netflix without asking they have put pen marks all over my leather sofa and chair and to cap it one of them put some aftershave on the arm and it's bleached it . Not a happy bunny the the company are footing the bill to put it right then finally I am now getting accused of sleeping with the night sitter and he's telling them I am hitting him

I have totalling gone into melt down and at this moment I just don't give a shit anymore

Sorry for the vent

Sue x

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  • Sue

    That is s terrible! What a shower they are? Have you checked them out on the CQC site? I would. Bet they don't get a good report. Let them put your furniture right then try to get another Agency. As for the one who is accusing you of sleeping with him and hitting him I wouldn't let him into the house again! Don't let them get to you Sue. You have enough to put up with without all this rubbish!

    Marie x

  • Thanks Marie

    There report is excellent and I have gone down the path to CHC

    It's Archie that is accusing me about night sitter and telling me not to hit him

    The furniture is getting sorted next Wednesday

    I've just had matron this morning and I think it's time to take some time out she did say that if he tells her that I am suppose to be hitting him they would put a safeguarding issue in place

    Oh for the love of PSP

    Sue x

  • Oh Sue I am so sorry Archie is saying that. You need respite that's for sure. Sadly if he still continues on this path then you might have no choice but to put him into a Nursing Home.

    Good grief no wonder you want to give up! What has the night time carer you are meant to be sleeping with said or do you not know? Has Archie said this to him?

    I would definitely have respite. The trouble with this PSP is that some people have hallucinations. So he probably thinks it's true. My husband had them when he went onto medication to dry his saliva. He told me one day I was staying in another room down the corridor! Then he told me our daughter was staying there and our Granddaughter. I kept putting him right until one day he said he was at work! He had retired years before. He looked so happy though so I just went along with it and asked him questions about work. Oddly he never did it again after that. Has he had any new medication Sue?

    Another thing is people can become obsessed with sex if they have PSP. Maybe as he can't manage it he has focussed on you? The fact you have a male night time carer might well make him think you are sleeping with him? This condition is so damn complex? No to mention really hard to cope with at times?

    You need to be apart for now Sue. So take some respite.

    Marie x

  • Marie I so agree with you

    He doesn't say it to anybody but me the hitting bit he's told some carers but hey ho

    I if you saw the night sitter well and truly not for me

    I'm going to sort out some respite this week

    Sue x

  • Get the authorities involved. You shouldn't have to put up with this nonsense. They are there to protect and look after you, not send people to wreck your home and then make false accusations about you. Bet this guy you are meant to slept with, is minging as well!

    You are right not to give a s##t about about them, but don't give up on yourself.

    Lots of love


  • Thanks Anne

    I agree with what you say but it's archie that is saying that I'm sleeping with sitter and him saying that I am hitting him

    Sue x

  • How awful, Sue. I am so sorry! And I know how you feel. The loss of privacy and control over your environment, and the risks to your belongings, with strangers in the house is very upsetting. It won't last forever, though. This too shall pass.

    When your husband makes wild accusations, can you laugh and try to tease him out of it or is he too aggressive and delusional?? Is he being medicated at all for agitation?

    And you know you don't have to apologize for venting. That's what we are here for!

    Hugs. Ec

  • Cheers ec

    It's just totally done my head in at the moment but it will pass

    Fetch on a new day lol

    Sue x

  • I found one day that going outside and smashing the plates the aide had chipped made me feel much better. Not much use with your sofa!

  • Hi eastercedar

    Lol bit too heavy with sofa but I felt like bounce her about but counted to ten instead

    Sue x

  • better!

  • Since we have had careers come into our home, door frames are scratched, wall are marked, they really don't care, I feel sick when I look at the home. Sue so sorry to hear about your husband saying things about you, it hurts, I had all that with george, ok now, but hurtful. Big hugs Yvonne xxxxx

  • Thank you Yvonne

    I know what you mean

    Sue xx

  • I don't know how you all deal with it when your loved ones are aggressive or mean. My worst was once when I was trying to get him to let me ease him down into the stair lift seat and he balked, and I said "Trust me!" and he said "Trust you?! I don't even know you!"

  • All this has been going on for about a month now

    New day tomorrow again

    Sue xx

  • It's exhausting. I know. I wish I had advice to offer to help with that, but I never figured it out.

  • Same here thanks anyway always welcome a talk with people


    Sue xx

  • I can well understand how angry and helpless you feel. I don't have carers yet. I know I will find it overwhelming. PSP alone is enough to make us feel we have lost all control of everything. But your experience seems too much to accept !

    Others on this site have had these wild accusations, although Chris never has.

    Hope you can manage something to help you have space.

    Big hug from Jean x

  • Thanks jean

    I will sort it no doubt

    I've had carers here for near on 3 years starting with 1 x 4 hours per day then 2x 4 hours a day and now now 16 hours x2

    Thought it would be better but not really

    Sue xx

  • Omg they sound like a load of idiots you have coming into your home.

  • It's half and half but to put it bluntly boss is a total dickhead

    Sue x

  • This actually made me laugh out loud , what a hoot.....sleeping with the night sitter !!!!' Have fun ......my goodness me , some folk haven't got a clue have they. X

  • Hi

    I think that people that aren't on here would maybe think I'm daft but it helps me keep sane

    Cause when this was suppose to take place it must of been that good I can't remember it

    Again tomorrow is another day

    Sue x

  • If I'd had the chance to sleep with anyone, SLEEPING would have been my priority!

  • Hi ec

    I totally agree with that

    Sue xx

  • So sorry to hear how horrible this all is with the careers. My hubby has accused me for years of having affairs, try to reassure him and laugh it off - as if I would have the energy!!! But it is hurtful when they say these things.

    Take care hope you get those wretched carers to toe the line soon. We have so far been lucky with ours but your post reminds me to keep an eye out!!!

    Love and hugs


  • Thanks tippyleaf

    The boss got told no more messing now had enough now so no more chances

    Different day today all peaceful

    Thank goodness

    Sue x

  • So good to hear! I hope you were able to rest a bit.

  • Oh my goodness sue. Your scenario would do my head in. Id be f.....ing and blinding all over the place. I hope it settles for you soon.

  • Hi Duffy

    Oh yes I've have my fair share of f ing and jeffing either the boss gets plenty of it

    He's settled today and apologied so x fingers all good at minute

    Sue x

  • 🙏💛

  • 🙏💛

  • Praying for you my dear

  • Oh my goodness Sue, you just couldn't make it up could you, are you sure you're not writing a farce for a West End production. Your comments made me giggle but on the serious side it's not really funny when you are living through the horror on a daily basis. I hope this accusation stages that Archie is going through passes and you get those carers sorted. We rely on having carers we trust otherwise we can't relax which defeats the object of having carers. Ben can no longer speak so haven't been through the accusation phase that some PSP seem to display, he is totally apathetic and vulnerable and letting others care for him isn't always easy, I'm always relieved when I get the weekly care schedule and see carers I trust on there. This bloody disease atta ka from all angles!

    Take good care of yourself Sue.

    Love and hugs

    Kate xxx

  • Hi Kate

    Yes I think we all should put our head together for the show but on saying that it wold have to be a comedy cause people outside this site would not believe us and have most of the professionals as muppets lol

    Archie has been fine since Tuesday but never know what's round corner

    As for the dickhead he came last night to help with care so I've give him a time sheet for 2 weeks of would is coming and no excuses I also told him the CCG are coming and I won't tell him the date so it's shape up or fffffff off

    Hope that your well


    Sue x

  • 🙏💛

  • 🙏💛

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