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Bathroom help

Bathroom help

Hi l would like to share my idea of help for my wife who has psp. she can still stand but is unbalanced. She stand in front of the vanity and puts her hands on the handle which are sucker attached and can be moved anywhere as long it is smooth, i found it very useful in dressing or undressing as you know she will be stable, you have to check now and again to make sure they are attached probably.

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Hi, we had these at first. They are very good and serve a purpose for a while. Please be very aware, that they are only temporary and will need to be replaced with permanent ones as her ability to stand becomes harder. They do not cope with any sort of pressure put on them. Our bathroom, we which had specially adapted, "is like a monkey climbing frame," to quote my daughter. I had big chunky chrome grabs rails put everywhere, they actually look like features of the bathroom, rather than support rails. They are expensive, but the room never felt like a hospital.

Lots of love



Thanks for the reply, before my retirement i worked in auto glass and we used Simla ones,these ones have a dial which shows if they are letting go,you would have be reasonable balanced and be able to stand. regards Peter

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We had these for travelling about with (going to daughter's/sister's house etc) and they were useful for a while. We had permanent chrome ones at home. As balance and muscle control got worse D needed to put too much pull force for the stick on ones to be safe. Eventually he could only use the bathroom in his commode/shower chair and with two carers' help so handles became not only unnecessary but actually counter productive as he would try to reach out for them even though he couldn't stand. It was the case with all the equipment we got, it was useful for a while but the illness progresses relentlessly and you always have to try to be one step ahead!



Hi Birdman

These are great aren't they?

We had people coming in and drilling holes for hand rails all over our newly fully tiled bathroom. They had to send a guy out with a diamond drill because the tiles were porcelain... I swallowed hard and said to myself, "live with it."

Then we found these - they are fantastic.

Yours look like good ones so a note to others - buy the best only.

At first we bought cheaper ones and they would fall off in the night and were damned dangerous.

Then we switched to top quality ones and they stay firm for a couple of months at a time and have a colour indicator when the vacuum is to low and they need re-setting.

Tip - put them on with a smear of silicone bath sealant - but clean the area with surgical spirit first. They are all but permanent and very safe. If they ever do need setting the silicone rubs off quite easily.

I test them before they are used every time. Just to be safe.

Thanks for this post B'man - these sorts of ideas really make life easier.




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