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Has anyone tried Artane ((Trihexyphenidyl) ?

Hello to all.Today i read in a group in facebook (it belongs to an italian website for psp called "pspfocus") a post about a psp patient who is on the drug Artane for 4 days and she has seen very good results in sight, movement, energy and especially in speech.I read it is an antiparkinsonian drug.Has anyone had any experience with it?Thank you very much.

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I checked it out online and it's action is that it relaxes smooth muscle . So it would appear that it could be very helpful in situations where spastic muscles and rigidity are a problem.

Thank you for the input. It sounds as if it could be a valuable intervention to add to the arsenal, if needed. Previously I was only aware of the usual meds of Amantadine and Sinemet which don't appear to be helpful for PSP sufferers. There's something else that I read about here that I've also filed away as a possibility, if needed in the future. The drug used was Scopolamine ( transdermal in patch form that is placed behind the ear) and according to the person who wrote in ; her husband, ( I believe ) who previously had not been walking or talking became able to do so again. Of course, the areas of the brain that are affected and the extant are somewhat unique for each person with PSP, so we can't assume that what helped one person would necessarily help another, but I'm still greatly encouraged to know that some medications have made very positive differences on an individual basis. Thank you so much for telling us about a medication that might be very helpful . My sister has PSP and who knows ; Artane might be useful in the future !

By the way, Scopolamine is typically prescribed as an anti-nausea and motion sickness med. . Thanks again and take care, Elise


My husband walks. His speech is gone. I tried scopolamine patches- they just didnt work -- I am not trying to be negative or discouraging--but I think all the drugs are very individual related -- works on some and not the others-- but no harm in trying :)

padma ramachandran


Appreciate ALL input. Thanks!


Carehope, Pram, Jim, thank you very much for your comments.The person who wrote about Artane in facebook (her mother has psp) mentioned that it has the same active ingredient found in Scopoderm patch.If it's true, i guess this explains the good results as some patients seem to get help by these patches.Anyway, i am gonna ask our neurologist about Artane, maybe it's worth a try.Best wishes to all, Giannis.


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