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Anxiety management in pseudomyxoma peritonei and appendix cancer

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Anxiety is a very common issue in people (and friends/family members) with cancer. Triggers for this anxiety are wide-ranging. Anything from scanxiety to fear of medical procedures can be experienced. In this online workshop, we will talk about anxiety, how this applies to PMP, and cover some common anxiety-management techniques.

The workshop is led by Dr Jason Spendelow, a Clinical and Coaching Psychologist who has been in practice since 2005. Jason runs an online practice working with people affected by various medical conditions and disabilities. He lost his wife Charlotte in 2017 to pseudomyxoma peritonei after a seven-year battle with the disease.

Suitable for all those affected by pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), appendix cancer and rare peritoneal malignancies.

10th February 2021, 7:45pm for 8pm (UTC)

Facilitators: Dr Jason Spendelow (The Practical Psychologist), Susan Oliver (Pseudomyxoma Survivor) and Angela Brook (Pseudomyxoma Survivor)

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