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Lest we forget why Malecare exists

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A recent tweet from one of the world’s better known urologists, David Samadi

“A greyhound dog caught Monkeypox from their owners, a non-monogamous gay couple in Paris.

The greyhound developed an anal ulceration & mucocutaneous lesions.

The method of transmission was not made immediately clear.”

15 Replies
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The psychopathology of some doctors is more than alarming. The “professions” really do need to take a good long hard look at themselves and their lack of psychological and social empathy entry requirements into the field. Academic qualifications are simply insufficient in respect of the potential for harm that these people can do.

There are really very good people in positions of trust but the lack of specific non clinical standards in their professions tars them with the disastrous effects their colleagues repeatedly subject them to from their arrogance and dismissiveness of wider humanity i.e. the “otherness” that they look down upon.

Thanks Darryl for standing up for basic decency.


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At the risk of commiting the same error as Dr. Samadhi, what he said was a not unreasonable three sentence summary of an article from the Lancet, a highly reputable peer reviewed journal. Not exactly truth social.

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"

I would submit that this tweet is of little consequence one way or the other.

If issues of such prejudice are important to you they can be effectively resolved only by successful resistance to the inexorable progress that right wing extremists are making in stripping the other 2/3 of the country of it's voting rights.

All other rights are premised on a functioning democracy that we are about to lose.

Once Democracy is lost these quaint prejudices, will look like the good old days. So says Justice Thomas.

CBS News: 1st suspected case of human-to-dog monkeypox transmission leads CDC to update guidance on the virus.


"Scientists said in a paper published in The Lancet medical journal last week that they'd found evidence of human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox. Before that, it was not clear whether the virus could be spread to dogs."

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DarrylPartner in reply to cesces

Samadi crafted his tweet to suggest that gay men might have sex with dogs. Samadi doesn’t cite, quote or discuss anything from the articles or real-life episode from which he creates his toxic tweet.

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cesces in reply to Darryl

Yes. I see the missing citation does add the element of leering intent.

Though I still think the proper response is to focus on the irreversible handmaid's tale nightmare that is in the process of overtaking us literally today.

That reaches beyond insult into far far more serious territory.

Once they take irretrievable control, and all checks and balances are removed, how exactly do you think all that rage and hate gets channeled?

See generally what replaced the Weimar republic.

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Yes, Daryl, thanks!

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That was some crazy stuff about the Monkey Pox. And scary too.

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This post is disgusting and I fail to understand what relevance it has to prostate cancer group. I hope the moderator removes this discussion entirely. If this stays up, I’ll certainly have no use for this forum, and that would be a shame.

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DarrylPartner in reply to SFjohn

Are you saying that our advocacy against homophobic doctors is disgusting?

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trregan in reply to SFjohn

The issue is not that you are offended by the thread, I hope, but by thread of comments, but by the initial post. A slight is a slight and comments by authorities like Doctor Samadhi are examples of bias that are easily ingrained and used to slander groups. The inferences that one can make about the supposed bestiality are massively negative and plug into all the old testament admonitions of the religious rights' fundamentalist narrative. It's not paranoia to worry that such denigrations are not widespread in certain groups that seek to impose, or IMPOSE their beliefs on us. It's awareness. Like I said, I hope SFJohn, your huffiness is related to the comments, not the thread itself.

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SFjohn in reply to trregan

Correct, I am disgusted by seeing that original tweet posted/shared again here.

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With respect to SFjohn, I empathize with your disgust on seeing Dr Samadi's tweet. For over 25 years, I and my colleagues at Malecare have fought against bigotry and homophobia within the heathcare setting. Dr. Samadi's tweet, as vile as it is, reminds us that our goals for health equity are far from achieved. We can not afford to ignore homophobia by clinicians whose skills can save our lives. In this specific case, our activsm contributed to Dr. Samadi's deletion of his tweet, and, hopefully, some introspection. I hope that you and everyone in our Malecare prostate cancer support community continue to support our efforts.

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Right on....

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Hi Darryl, I believe you mean "LEST We Forget" and not "LEAST." Can you make the correction?

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DarrylPartner in reply to JoelCairo


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Hmmm... He has more problems then Monkey Pox....

"The New York City surgeon at the center of a Medicare fraud scandal for double-booking operations is still operating, this time at a hospital in Long Island.

Dr. David Samadi, a prostate cancer specialist and one of the top-earning doctors in the city, is billed as a men’s health specialist at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn. He left Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan in June, where he had been paid $2 million a year with an annual bonus of up to $5 million.

Lenox Hill and parent company Northwell Health agreed earlier this month to pay $12.3 million to settle federal claims that it fraudulently billed Medicare for Samadi’s overlapping surgeries and unnecessary procedures."

On of tweets he goes on about the US is the greatest place in the world. Given his corruption, for him no doubt. Smells like MAGA to me.

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