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How much radiation for SBRT?

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I had 5 SBRT treatments 18 months ago. All Good so far. I noticed in a study posted by Tall Allen that most SBRT recipients get about 80 gy but I only had 36. Doc told me I needed less because administered in short time period with increased intensity. How much radiation is typical for SBRT? Was I shortchanged? Thanks all.

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80 Gy is for conventional IMRT; it is done in 40-44 treatments. SBRT is 35-40 Gy in 5 treatments. The biologically effective dose is actually higher.

Thanks very much!!

I had 36 also it’s pretty standard they said

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Thanks very much!!

I had 5 sessions of SBRT last year with 30 gy total. No side effects PSA dropped quickly from 14 the beginning of December 2020 to 0.3 in March 2021. I am on 1000 mg of Zytiga and 90 day shot of Lupron.

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