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MSK Precise -- MSKCC's form of SBRT

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Just wondering if anyone folks out there have any experience or knowledge of MSKCC's version of SBRT treatment:


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It's just a brand name they call their SBRT. They use the same VMAT linacs used elsewhere. I'm not a fan of SpaceOAR.

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Jordache in reply to Tall_Allen

Just curious, Why are you not a fan of space oar?

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Tall_Allen in reply to Jordache

I just answered that below- see my reply to middlejoel:

I was treated by Dr Zelefsky at MSKCC in 2016. Terrific doctor and terrific institution that I would highly recommend. The treatment was quick and painless and was essentially a non-event. Good luck !

I was treated by Dr. McBride there for both salvage radiation and, later, focal beam. I cannot speak highly enough for the professionalism and care I received. I had my RP there in 2014 from Dr Laudone and have had a great outcome.

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