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My wife is looking for a cancer support group. She has talked to Drs and hospitals to no avail. Any and all suggestions please.


Looking for a spousal support group.

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Cancer Support Community has spouse support groups, but it differs by locality. You can try the one near you.

Thanks Tall_Allen will check it out


Here’s our group for spouses almost all of the activity is by direct message and many are organizing one to one meetings (outdoors I hope).

BadNews4me in reply to Darryl

Thanks Darryl. Appreciate your help

Will do Blu_Z. Thanks for helping

Please tell your wife there are many of us caregivers here on this forum (thank you, Darryl for creating such a great community). It’s not quite like an in person support group but she can find a lot of support and understanding from those of us in her situation as we try to help our husbands and partners navigate this process. She’s welcome to private message me. ❤️

BadNews4me in reply to SuppWife

Thanks so much. I’ll be sure my wife gets your reply

Thanks Monitoring. I agree both sites are excellent resources

Facebook has some PC spousal groups. Tell her to look there. Lots of us spouses here though on Health Unlocked. I have never felt unwelcome here.

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Thanks fluff - good idea

I'm a moderator for a FB group - Women Affected by Stage 4 Prostate Cancer - we only allow women in the group and ask that the men don't read the posts - this way we can be totally honest and take about things that may bother those we love. Here's the link if she's interested.

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Thanks for the info Union98. My wife has the link you sent. She herself is not a cancer patient but a wonderful caregiver for me as we fight the monster.

Hello. I’ve found this group to be incredibly supportive and open to questions.My husband has recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and already has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, so I have needed support, whilst I navigate all the new vocabulary.

Good luck to you and your wife.

Stay safe,

Fran 🙂

BadNews4me in reply to Fran57

Fran than you. This is an informative site which we often us. Best to you and husband.

Thank you. You too. 🙂

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Thanks tmfo. So many responses from carrying people. Best wishes for all.