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First post. SBRT grad


Just saying hello. Followed some folks here from another board. TallAllen especially for his research contributions and no nonsense advice. Has really helped me tremendously going through this.

I'm happy to report my PSA trajectory is back on track after a couple bounces had me up +1.8 (1.6 - 3.4) and really had me mentally out of sorts. Todays result is a 0.9 so I'm breathing a little easier at least for a little while. Dr King wasn't worried. I don't know why but I can't help feeling doom and gloom anxiety every single test! Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays.


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I read somewhere that a DRE, bike-riding, and sexual activity before a PSA test can give a falsely elevated score. I'm personally going to abstain from those before any future PSA blood draws.

gamma909 in reply to tucker_man

I also read that vitamin B7 (biotin) can have an effect so I skip my multivitamin on the day before PSA - I guess it can't hurt.

jackcop in reply to tucker_man

Well I know that DRE or any manipulation of the prostate can produce false high as well as ejectulation. I did not know about vitamin B7. Thanks, it will be a minor thing to avoid my multivitamin pill.

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