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Intermittent blood in urine (BIU) again -- any thoughts/comments

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Hubby dx 12/13, G4+3, secondary 4, tertiary 5. RRP 4/14. pathology - T2c nomo.

12/2015 BCR. 2-3/16 ADT&IMRT

Intermittent blood in urine starts 8/2017; cystoscopy - 10/2017 -- all clear; more BIU, followed by CT 1/29/2018; bladder, etc., clear; but a bit of "scarring" seen. Radonc says "scarring" totally usual post radiation.

All clear until now, 12/11/2028 --- suddenly more BIU.

Any thoughts/comments as to what might be going on? Thanks in advance.


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As the scar tissue sloughs off, the tissue underneath bleeds until new scar tissue forms, beginning the cycle again. It may happen off and on. As long as the bleeding isn't copious, it sounds like there's nothing to worry about (which is what the RO probably told you).

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Lyubov in reply to Tall_Allen

Your explanation reassures me more than the Radonc's, because he didn't make clear how it can heal and then slough off again. That makes sense. It seems to coincide in a way with my own idea that this would occur following intensive exercise or the kind of prolonged intimate activity required for hubby to have the post-RRP dry orgasm.

I do get better information here than from the specialists who see hubby rarely (each one once a year -- six months between)!

With gratitude,


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gamma909 in reply to Lyubov

Although my RALP was more recent, I do notice some drops of blood now that I resumed running. Response from Tall_Allen is very helpful and makes sense. Good luck and good health.

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Lyubov in reply to gamma909

Thanks for taking the time to add your experience. Yes, Tall_Allen makes perfect sense. It correlates to incidence of this side-effect in hubby. We are both relieved. His PSA as of Nov 30 remains at <0.1, so that "should" mean the PCa cells are at least still "dormant." We hope & pray they stay that way for several years at least. Moving into retirement community in spring & would love to have a few more years without house & yard maintenance & socializing & exercising with everything nearby.

With appreciation, Lyubov

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