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Post-Surgery Oncologist Consultations


Hey Fellas, So I had 2 consultation visits this week. One with Weill Cornell and the other with Sloan Kettering. Both radiation oncologists basically gave me identical diagnosis's and recommended that I first do a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan. This type of scan is the most sensitive scan to date and can detect how tissues and organs are functioning as well as metabolic activity. The other option is to do both an MRI and Bone scan. If all is well and they don't see any other areas in my body producing the antigen, then they recommend I do 8-weeks of targeted radiation to the prostate bed as well as Hormone therapy for a minimum of 6 months. Whew! I know all of this is certainly a mouthful, but I am determined to stay positive about it all. Lastly, I want to put in a plug for the Manhattan support group which I got a chance to visit on Wednesday night. Great group of guys with a plethora of knowledge and information. I will definitely be returning. Sending good energy and vibes to all of you.

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Glad to see your positive attitude, and that the support group is good. I hope the treatment you chose does its job!

Good energy and vibes to you as well Mr Dreamweaverman. You're attitude is most excellent and you are an inspiration as well. Tim

Thanks for the update. I really appreciate it. Remember, I'm about 10 weeks behind you in surgery and was in the same boat in every way. Hey, what was the actual diagnosis?

Great to see a really positive attitude. I hope it is deep-seated. Don't be afraid to get emotional and even depressed through this process. You are human, and cancer comes with a wide assortment of psychological responses in our brains. I have had ups and downs over the whole thing myself since surgery in Feb. 2017. I am now awaiting results of my latest PSA. That wait comes with its own set of emotions, though I am mostly positive (despite my overall pessimistic life view!).

In your case, I am wondering why all the postop treatment? What was your diagnosis and final postop prognosis?

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