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HIFU - suitable if cancer located at the apex?


Just doing some research at the moment, but wondering if HIFU is suitable cancer is located at the apex with regards to minimal side effects of urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction? Aka, still possible to remove cancer at the apex while saving the nerve bundles and retaining urinary and erectile function?

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I'm trying to get the same information.....I'm in the same boat

I think bottomline, you'll have to have your surgeon take a look at your scans and make a determination. From what I have been able to find out, is that generally, the surgeon wants a 5 mm margin between the cancer and the structure in question (Urethra / nerve bundles here) to safely be able to remove the cancer while saving your ED and Urinary ability.


I think that the smallest area to be treated is larger with HIFU than with other means of delivering energy. External radiation can be focused to a smaller area. You mention avoiding certain structures. One issue is how close that structure is, or those structures are, to the target area you wish to treat.

Hi, I am just wondering if you ever got an answer to this question? My husband is planning to have HIFU in Germany in April and it is a long way to go if they cannot do the procedure and a big expense if it it unlikely to work. Thanks for any information you could share. Hope you are doing well.

Hi, never did get an answer. My repeat biopsy showed me in the clear so didn’t follow up on any procedures, just stuck with my supplements. Best of luck to you and your husband

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