For our USA Brothers: Petition for an Office of Men's Health

It's up to US to Spread This Around! This is our moment to get an Office of Men's Health. Let's get 100,000 signatures on this by February 21, 2017

It's our first step, and it's an important one.

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  • DONE!

  • Done!

  • Done!

  • There may be something wrong with the sight. When I went on the sight, it stated that only one person signed it before me. It stated that they will send a confirmation email to me to finalize it. Been waiting for hours for the email.

  • Yes, I noticed that too. People in the office here got their confirmation emails about an hour or two after they signed. They all clicked to confirm, but the petition still has me as the only signature. From the emails I've received in the last hour or two, there should be at least several hundred or more signatures. I've struggled to find a help desk for the petitions. Not sure what to do besides wait. Perhaps I'll call my congressperson for help on this, tomorrow, if nothing improves.

  • When I signed a couple hours ago, I had a verification screen that came up and said I was the 2nd to sign. I can not verify that.

    Hope things work out.


  • Hi Joe Please take a look at and reply back with the number of signatures that the petition says is posted...thanks. (I still see only one)

  • Hi Darryl,

    That page is a mess. I registered again using Joseph instead of Joe, and got a verification screen, from there I was requested to re-verify through an e-mail, and then a final screen that said I was registered. If you click on the short URL as posted, or if you click the help button at the bottom, you get a "web page not found" screen. And, yes, I see only one, you I suppose.


  • Hey Darryl,

    No need to despair yet. Nothing on that page is working right. I scrolled down and tried two other petitions, and they're not working either.

    I hate to say this, but it might have something to do with our shiny, new gubmint. They scrubbed a lot from the WH website as a matter of priority.

    I'll also add this, those of you who voted the Republican ticket, thank you for screwing me and many others over. You see, we'll all pay in the long run. This is just the beginning of a four year regret cycle.


  • I reposted this, after signing, on Facebook. Good luck!

  • Done

  • Hi Darryl,

    I tried again a few minutes ago. Still not working right, the little url sends you back the main sign in page. And still just 1 listed.


  • Thanks for checking on this

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