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Muscle Pain to Prostate Cancer?


I am wondering if anyone here found themselves diagnosed with prostate cancer after first complaining to their general practitioner doctor about muscle pain?

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I had no pain when my urologist found my prostate cancer.

Hidden in reply to BobJensen

Hi Bob,

Can I assume that you had urology problems prior to being diagnosed?

In hindsight, I may have had some pissing at night. Nothing more. I'm still trying to come to some understanding of why my PCa was so advanced at the time it was found. I have one male blood relative alive, he has BPH, and he asks me, "Well, how big was your prostate?" mine was...whatever! He made it sound like some competition. My family, meaning my brothers, sister, etc., look at it as the curable cancer. Don't worry, be happy, it's curable, no problems. After six plus years, it's the same routine.

People can be so pathetic.


BobJensen in reply to Hidden

My grandfather died of prostate cancer. I have had prostate exams since I was 40. I have also had kidney stones a few times. My urologist knows me well inside and out.

JoelT in reply to Hidden

This is the reason that we need effective screening tools so that men will not be diagnosed when their cancer has progressed.


I had perineal pain before I saw my gp about my prostate after which prostate cancer was found

I do have muscle pain but always have contributed it to cholesterol medicine.

Nope no muscle pain. No symptoms whatsoever. My first physical in 10 years and first ever PSA test of 12 found my PCA at age 49.

No muscle pain when diagnosed at age 52.

Yes, when I was 45 I hadn't seen a Dr for a few years. I gave my Dr a list of 4 concerns. Muscle/body pain & low urine flow were on the list. PSA was 13. 20 years later I still have pain and am on intermittent hormone therapy.

Muscle pain is not usually a symptom of prostate cancer. However , pain in the bones , rather than the muscles, is a common problem with metastatic prostate cancer.

Classically it is worse during the night. It can affect any bone but is most common in the lower spine & the bony pelvis.


Hi Philly,

What muscle pain had you had that lead to your diagnosis? My Stage 4 was found after a bout of diverticulitis, I had absolutely no symptoms. Today, muscle pain is the norm, mainly from weakness. Are you in Philly? I'm in Joisey, exit 4. And, how far along are you with this crap?


I didn't have any pain either. My PSA slowly crept up and when it got beyond 4.8 my GP referred me to a Urologist. 4 months later it was beyond 5.9 so my Urologist performed a biopsy which led to prostate surgery.

My PSA was 0.7% when my urologist found a lump in my prostate. PSA tests are not reliable.

I am thankful I had a digital rectal exam. It showed up within 6 months from the previous exam.

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