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Feeling very frustrated today

This is my problem with the whole heath care system and putting the responsibility on the patient to find a living donor. As I am being worked up for a second kidney transplant I am constantly reminded from the doctors about the importance of finding a living donor, there are all these tools out there to help you find a living donor but really not a organization that takes the stress off you as a patient to help you advertise your needs to the public. All the tools like with the NKF help YOU to help YOURSELF find a donor. There is no advertising living coordinator out there that takes some pressure off you. Thankfully I still work and I have spent close to 1,000 dollars in basically advertising myself to find a living donor with bill boards, flyers and boosting my page on Facebook (A Kidney for Kristen). Then I get a message on Faceboook last night from another CKD patient who is on dialysis telling me that "Well you have already had one transplant, I think it is selfish of you wanting another one where there are people out here who want their chance" I was just like WOW!!! So, I am selfish for working my butt off to for trying to save my own life? I informed this person that these transplants do not last for ever (I had mine 20 years which is currently at 14 percent) and that a kidney transplant is not a cure all. You would think us CKD patients we would be working together but instead is get hatters? So not only am I dealing with a failing transplant I also have to try and find a donor on my own and then deal with all the negativity that comes from other sick patients, WOW!! I mean why does the hospital not have a organization to take some of the stress off the patient? This brings me to the topic of paying for a organ? Many people are say "O, it is unethical to pay for a organ" but the question needs to be asked is it unethical for sick patients like us wanting to live? The healthcare system makes tons of money off the backs of US. Examples on how they make money is: the people who come and collect the deceased organs get paid, the people who do all the pre-screening for transplant get paid, all the cross matching in the lab they do they are getting paid, the surgeons are getting paid you know the only people not getting paid in the end is the DONOR or the donor's!!! Do you know how much easier it would be for me as a patient to be able to put some kind of incentive behind giving me a kidney. These doctors run their mouth about "O, a living kidney will last so much longer then a deceased one?" so I said "So, you are stressing this so much I am under the assumption then that you have already donated your extra kidney or you will be willing to sign up to be my donor. LOL and guess what his whole demeanor changed. He said " Well I would have to think about it more I am not sure yet" WOW just WOW. You are basically asking for miracle from these people to donate you a kidney while the hospital is benefiting off of your struggle.