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Richard Price-Heart Transplant-Dec. 11, 2015

Hi, I'm Richard Price and I had a heart transplant on 12/11/2015 at Wake Forest Baptist Medical University. This after having 2 (two) LVAD heart pumps (the first clotted giving me a minor stroke). It was a long journey BUT WELL WORTH IT! I'm here and happy to help with questions/answers (where I can) from patients (past and future), caregivers or anyone else who might have inquires or concerns. Life is good, enjoy it!

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Congratulations, Richard! Coming up on that 2 year milestone is quite an accomplishment given your VAD experiences. Obviously He isn't through with you yet and you have much to do with your extended live with that new heart. Those first years are the roughest, so once you make it past as you have, life can be so full and you just have to face those life challenges that come with aging for us all. Looking back from 23 years with this still 'new' heart, I welcome you to this exclusive club, wishing you many more exciting years of life.


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