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Best post-transplant life experience?

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So as we often say, we get our organ transplant 'not just to survive, but to thrive' and enjoy life to the fullest. Having been to the edge with our health issues, recipients tend to appreciate each day of life (despite those daily challenges) so much more than the average person. So looking back (or forward if you want to share a future dream instead), what event in your new life has been your best moment yet?

Personally, mine has been marrying my soul-mate 12 years ago this October 1st, a brave decision on her part given I was 11 years post heart transplant at the time, so that decision was made with a lot of faith in the unknown that lie ahead. Now 12 years later, we still count each day as a very special gift we share.

PS: My soul-mate wife is a 'donor mom' having donated her 13 year old son's organ back in 1997, so we live/share both sides of the donation/transplant life story with love and thanks each and every day.

So what's your story of that 'best day ever' (so far, at least...)?

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I have too many 'best days' to pick one! I have been fortunate to enjoy watching my two daughters grow up, graduate from high school, college and graduate school. I've also helped plan and be a part of my older daughter's wedding. And, my husband and I have just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary, complete with a trip to Europe!

Each and every one of these events has been something I never could have experienced were it not for the generosity of my donor and his family.

Well, I got married about 4 weeks before I donated my kidney, so that's probably the biggest life event for me, up to this point. But we are expecting our first child in May! So that will probably be my favorite "Post Donation" day!

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What wonderful blessings to have in your life! Congratulations on the upcoming baby.

Wow, I love this story! I guess for me, my best post transplant moment was on August 12th of this year. After having a kidney transplant almost 4 months prior to this, I was able to preach my trial sermon at church on my journey and everything I had endured. It was a wonderful feeling to show others how God can turn your bad situation into something for good!

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So true - God's blessings often first come as a surprise when we don't see the positive, but then, as you just shared, those blessings are recognized.

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So true!

And today, October 19th, marks the 23rd anniversary of that amazing event - just sent a long annual note of thanks to both the donor family and my heart transplant surgeon, Mike Acker, with updates on how their work has made possible the many activities of this past year. Our God is so good!.

Although I am not an organ recipient, I am a living donor. I donated a kidney altruistically to a complete stranger in 2016. My highlight so far was meeting my recipient 6 months after the transplant. It was a very joyful and emotional experience. To know that a life had been saved is beyond words, and I am so thankful I was able to give.

And on behalf of all those who benefited from your wonderful gift, thank you!

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