Just now joining the community

Just now joining the community

I'm 'Jim the heart guy' enjoying life to its fullest with a 'new heart' gifted back on Oct 19th, 1994, so will be entering my 24th year post transplant next week. I live in mid-state New Jersey and am active with several transplant related groups, not the least of which is TRIO (that's Transplant recipients International Organization), the Gift of Life Donor Program as a volunteer in Philadelphia and serving in many roles with UNOS.

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  • Hi Jim! My daughter received her heart in 2010 at age 6. It’s fantastic to see you doing so well so many years out! Thank you for posting.

  • Awesome! And now at age 13 (actually probably acting much older given all she has gone through to get this far, a maturing side effect of living with such challenges) she's a teenager! Wow, now the challenges really begin (smile) and aren't you blessed to have such problems given that survival of 7 years and so many more to come. Just beware - as I'm sure you already know - those teen years (and those just beyond into their early 20's) are a challenging time when many rebel at taking their meds resulting in far deeper health and life problems. With your support and keen awareness, hopefully she can avoid that common issue. My prayers go with you and her as she continues to grow up and face life's many new challenges. Like I said, "Congratulations!" (to you both.

  • Hi Jim. Glad to see that you and I are engaged in another forum for the advancement of transplantation. See you in December in Atlanta.

  • 'Willie the Whip'??? I love it! We do seem to be constantly crossing paths in this small world of ours, and I am blessed by that fact of coincidence. Yes, see you in Atlanta.

    PS: I love your photo on this site - that smile is so YOU.

    PPS: I feel you and I should talk, seeing as how we are drawn together and seem to share the same values and excitement for life. We really don't get enough time at those board meetings and they are too infrequent. If you are wiling, give me a call at 609-8774493 and let's see where that takes us. If you don't call, that's OK too - with so much life to live we have to set our own priorities as to how to spend each 24 hours and I would respect your priorities either way.

  • Okay, will give you a call over the next few days. BTW, will you attend the AST Patient Summit in DC this month?

  • Yes, so guessing I will see you there and have a chance to chat then in person (thus no need to call ).

  • Yes, for sure. We'll be able to chat in person.

  • Hi Jim! Welcome! Just seeing now that you have joined.

  • Wow, I assume that welcome greeting is coming by way of your current trip to Paris, enjoying that wedding anniversary celebration. Thanks.