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Music has no language barrier! Feel it with your heart❤️🎼🎶🎵🕊🌺❤️ ✨💫Indila - Dernière danse💫✨

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“The last dance”, Indila talks about a young foreign girl, who is fighting daily against racism, and the pain that she can feel.😊🙏❤️

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💐English version lyrics if you wonder💐

Oh my sweet suffering

Why struggle, you start up again

I’m no one important

Without him, I’m a little paranoid

I wander alone in the subway

One last dance

To forget my immense pain

I want to run away, it’s starting up again

Oh my sweet suffering

I move heaven, day and night

I dance with the wind, the rain

A little love, a drop of honey

And I dance, dance, dance…

And in the noise, I run and am afraid

Is it my turn?

The pain comes

In all of Paris, I give up

And I fly away, way, way…

Only hope

On the road and you’re away

In vain I struggle, without you my life

Is just a shiny backdrop, meaningless

In this sweet suffering

I’ve paid for all my sins

Listen to the vastness of my heart

I’m a child of the world

Racism is a serious problem in our world. Thank you for addressing it with a post. What are your thoughts on this issue? Beautiful song🤗

You’re welcomed 😊🙏 When we look at all unfortunate events currently happen in the world, they are reflection of this mediocre society. People claim their origins, their belief systems, their ideologies, their exclusive communities and seek to take territory. The psychological root is the yearning for glory, honor and power which all come down to ego.

I feel ego is the main cause of all our miseries with its constant need for glory, honor and power. Wherever there is ego these sicknesses like racism will follow. It creates all these unnecessary divisions. Well said👌

Any -Ism instead of Isness will be the root of all chaos. From East standpoint, they dissolve the ego when from West standpoint, they fortify to make it less mediocre so people can function among others. As we learn from Eastern philosophy, know Thyself is knowing there’s no self. We say:”I am nobody” which is such a profound statement just like Socrates with his statement "I know that I know nothing“ while in society, people are taught to showcase how much knowledge they have as well as “To be somebody” in the form of success.

I agree👌.There is no "I". Nobody is there to say "I am nobody". Just isness like you mentioned. The less we carry this idea of I inside, the deeper our bliss will be.

Let’s wander into our universe, look at nature and see how “I am nobody” is so powerful. You are nobody, you’re not even making yourself known with all achievements but just be you in your existence. It doesn’t mean you don’t exist; just like the stars ⭐️ are in the sky both day and night but only at night when the sky is dark, then the stars can be seen. In spiritual world, enlightenment is so natural, so spontaneous, that you can’t really pin point. However, enlightened people can be seen only against darkness. 😊🙏

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That’s so lovely. The more I read your writings, the more I appreciate myself.

Thank you 🙏 you’re a great 😊 writer.

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Thank you Happenstances.🙏😊 I’m glad my posts resonate with you. The more we show gratitude to our existence, the more we see beauty in life. Have a wonderful start of the week! 🤗☀️🌻☮️🌈❤️

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Beautiful song Koko! If I had not known the context of this song you have mentioned above, I would've been dancing and grooving to this song without a care in the world. It has become even more of a glaring issue in society these days; there needs to be more awareness and education about issues like these

Yes Kainan you can always groove to this song, it is so soothing isn’t it? And you can feel her voice with such emotion. ❤️ What do you think the major issue coming from Eastern philosophy or psychological standpoint?

ok first of all we are all one. Every human being on the planet is cut from the same cloth. We all have nearly 100% of the same DNA. Whenever one engages in acts of violence against another, we are doing it to one of our own. We have brains. We should have the higher intelligence and reasoning powers to not immediately buy into all the dangerous ideologies or propagandas and then act on them. We are not animals.

Well said Kainan.👌❤️ First, You bring up biological elements into this equation, however we are still distinguished by ethnicity and nationality. That’s the problem, isn’t it? Imagine if there is no ethnicity, no nations, just human, isn’t that a well balanced society?

Second, “we should have higher intelligence” which is raising awareness; however, our education system teaches us to memorize and oblique to school curriculum. Do they ever ask which subject or discussion students want to talk about? I don’t think so.

Third, ideology, propaganda are all coming from a belief system. So if we get rid of those belief systems but being individual and being an existentialist, we can all live in freedom and bliss.😊🙏

That is precisely the problem. But because we have ethnicities, and cultures, and demographics, we subconsciously engage in labeling. We can just bypass any reason and logic and jump straight into stereotyping and succumb to racism, which really is a belief that one ethnicity is superior than another. Which is insanity, because like I just said we share the exact same DNA; each of us have way way more in common than we do our differences.

Don't even get me started with the academic system. They don't teach you how to think and how to do it critically, or how to have conversations that mean something to you. You do that outside of school.

But it would be extremely hard to get rid of those belief systems. How can we get rid of something that we've carried all our lives and is what makes us essentially who we are?

To answer to your question: “How can we get rid of something that we've carried all our lives and is what makes us essentially who we are?”, here’s the solution: Live consciously, don’t sleep walk through life. Exam and analyze all those beliefs whether they are logical, true or not. Someone else’s truth is never your truth until you exam and experience them and make it your own truth. No divisions, no belief systems. Simple and the change is coming from each individual. Osho shared with us his enlightenment. 😊🙏❤️


Another nice track for house mix music on a beautiful and peaceful Sunday. Enjoy 😊🙏❤️

Bring the energy up!!!☝️☝️☝️😁😁😁

Let’s celebrate this true ethos in PWB☝️🥳🎉🎈🎊🍾😁😁😁

Yessss🍾🥂🎉🎉🎉 Ethos party time!😁😁😁

I don't get racism at all. What point is there to it. I love learning about other cultures. I'm not a big food culture but I love the fact I can learn many things about how and why they do things. I work with native americans and and have listened to how they cut up deer and how they tan the hides to make clothing out of them. I.learned how the Jamaicans made peanut butter. I learned in Mexico how the survived many obstacles that came their way. It's not just a vacation spot for me, I go and learn about the cultures of countries. It's exciting and a very good learning experience to me. I didn't start like learning about culture untolafter high school. Now I'm always finding things to read before I visit anywhere.

That’s amazing GB2, embracing others’ culture is very endearing to me. Learning about the country before you visit is very wise because you can understand and benefit all the refining things of that spot. Yes I think it’s true that real life experiences start right after high school, same with me, esp relocating to a whole new country with different culture and language. They say American don’t really travel outside of USA as much as other countries and I wonder why? Don’t even need visa to travel to Europe and only 30% own passports. 🤷‍♀️🤔

I loved Rome, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic.I want to see Spain, Japan, Sweden, Hawaii and countless other places yet. I wont be able to see them all. Any specific ones you think I should see? Interested in ideas.

Okay depends on your interest also. European countries are westernized countries which you are not too unfamiliar with. I would recommend you to branch out to other continents such as Asia, South America... exotic places to enrich your new visions and curiosity.

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focused1Reading Rabbits

I love Zumba . You Tube had loads of good videos to keep fit. It’s kept me going during lockdown and fit .

Very nice focus1, I love Zumba too. 👍😁 Before pandemic, my gym offered free Zumba classes of all levels and it’s so much fun. I’m glad you are able to find good videos on YouTube to exercise during lockdown and keep yourself fit.👌❤️

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