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A most unusual dance.

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Hi guys and gals,

I just flew back in from Russia! Not literally but thanks to the wonders of YouTube I just spent a little time in a Moscow theatre without leaving my armchair. And who wouldn't take the trip when you can discover extraordinary things such as shown in the video. The dancers are called Кабардинка or Kabardinka


32 Replies
Activity2004 profile image

This is a very beautiful dance! Thank you for sharing this with everyone. 😀👍🌈💃

Marnie22 profile image

That's great. I learned Russian at school and I was a member of the school Russian dance club. 🙂🌸

Alaine1 profile image
Alaine1 in reply to Marnie22

Wow so you can speak Russian? I can hardly remember French? It was something I wanted to do over the lockdown but got side tracked. It’s on my list to get back into in 2021

Marnie22 profile image
Marnie22 in reply to Alaine1

I wish! I remember bits and pieces, but when you don't use it, you lose it! If I hear someone speak Russian I can make out words and phrases, but I can't speak it myself. If I studied it again I would probably pick it up quite quickly. I really liked it as a language. 🙂🌸

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Alaine1 in reply to Marnie22

When I’ve heard people speak Russian it always appears a complicated language or it could just be me over complicating it 😂

Marnie22 profile image
Marnie22 in reply to Alaine1

It's not too complicated to speak/listen, but writing it is confusing because not only do they have some completely different letters, but they also have some letters that look the same as ours but have a different sound. Plus, many letters are different when handwritten rather than printed. 🙂🌸

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Sops in reply to Marnie22

Crumbs, well done you, I had problems with French! My husband was a Welsh speaker and would ask me questions I initially could not understand.

Have to say I understand more Latin than any modern language as I used it in my work.

Have visited Russia and found a smile and a head covering worked wonders!


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katherineNED in reply to Marnie22

I too spoke Russian as a young girl in my home. I also took it up in high school for reading and writing as well. But not speaking it for the past 50+ years I've lost most of it. I can understand some if it is spoken slowly. I enjoyed the TV show The Americans because I could pick up bits and pieces of the Russian spoken on it. I enjoy some Russian movies (with subtitles). I had a trip planned to St Petersburg this summer but stayed home because of covid.

Hi Thank you for sharing. As you said it's a very strange dance but it is beautiful too.

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈🌹💜🌻 xxxx

Sheila_G profile image

Great. I went to Moscow on holiday in 1975. Long before Glasnost. It was very different then than it is now. We went to The Bolshoi Ballet to see Swan Lake. The theatre was being refurbished at the time and the performance was transferred to The Kremlin Palace. It was amazing.

in reply to Sheila_G

Have you read “ A Gentleman in Moscow “ by Amor Towles. Lovely book. Di

in reply to

Hi Di, yes I read it after it was recommended to me by someone here. Really enjoyed it too! As you say, a lovely book.

Sheila_G profile image
Sheila_G in reply to

No Li haven't. I will look it up. Thank you.

katherineNED profile image
katherineNED in reply to

Yes. Loved it!

Becksagogo profile image

I had a holiday booked to Moscow and St Petersburg when my heart journey began and unfortunately I had to cancel it. It is probably the only regret I have in life as there is no way I would manage it now. I didn't realise there was so much open to me on line so I shall have a look and see what I have missed. The colours of the ladies dresses are quite something.

in reply to Becksagogo

What an awful disappointment for you but aren’t we lucky to be able to still travel virtually. Another YouTube vlogger I really enjoy for his Russian and other travels with a realistic twist, goes by the name of ‘Bald and Bankrupt’. I’ve spent many absorbed hours in his company.

in reply to Becksagogo

I bet you were gutted having to cancel it when you were really looking forward to it as well.

Becksagogo profile image
Becksagogo in reply to

Oh I iwas especially as I had booked all the trips.

in reply to Becksagogo

Back in September I was heartbroken when the local lockdowns were announced here in Wales as I had just started getting back to face to face socialising and then hearing that was like having the door slammed shut in my face as it meant other autumn plans had to be placed on hold for another time.

We have been watching videos of places we fancy visiting like the Shetland islands and the channel islands in order to take the sting out of having missed out this year on holidays.

Becksagogo profile image
Becksagogo in reply to

You have to go to Jersey and from there take day trips to Aurigny, Sark and Guernsey. Beautiful islands.

in reply to Becksagogo

Yes it will be something nice to look forward to for the future.

Smiler53 profile image

Wow! They look like they are going round by magnets underneath them. Ouch! Those shoes looked uncomfortable, almost Chinese. But I did enjoy it, such lovely costumes.

I love these virtual tours. In the first Lockdown I went up the Statue of Liberty and around Central Park. I’m now watching broadcasts from the Natural History Museum and a daily broadcast from a Farm up in Barnsley. 😊

in reply to Smiler53

I agree Smiler both about the magnets and about the wonderful opportunity to roam with world with YouTube. I love that it's often about ordinary life too so we get to see things we wouldn't if we took a real tour. 😁

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MidoriVisually impaired

Amazing, but so regimented. Not entirely sure it is to my taste though.

I loved the costumes, looked like they came from Eastern side, as there were Cossack and even Chinese influences in the very long sleeves.

It almost looked like they were all on wheels, or as if they were figures in one of those Eastern European Clocks, which come out to tell the time.

Very different from our Western style of dance.

Fascinating, yet slightly disturbing for me.

Cheers, Midori

in reply to Midori

Odd isn't it Midori... they almost seem to float!

Thank you Sue, aren't they amazing dancers

Big_Dee profile image

Hello Callendersgal

I took Latin in high school, but have not seen any u-tube dances in Latin, maybe because it is a dead language. :)

Guess so Big_Dee though of course there are lots which are deemed to be Latin dancing! Salsa, samba tango etc., but I'm not sure quite how the ancient Romans even danced! 🤣

klr31 profile image

How wonderful. The ladies look like they are floating. Thank you for sharing.Karen x

RLN-overcomer profile image

In the beginning of the dance it looked as if the ladies were gliding on ice, and at first glance I thought the men were dancing with stiletto heels on their feet :| . It was Interesting to see this dance that seemed like a courtship between the last two dancers :) . Thank you for this glimpse into these culturally unique Russian dancers.

Lola2003 profile image

That was fascinating. I loved it - very different. Thank you so much for sharing.

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