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Masks 😷

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Hi everyone hope you are all safe and well. I would just like to throw this out to you all do you think it should mandatory for people to wear face masks 😷 in supermarkets as today I was shopping when someone leaned down to pick something up while I was looking no consideration for me and the two meter rule. x

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Hi as I said in my earlier post from June 15th the Government is making it compulsory to wear masks on public transport in England, they are still reviewing it here in Wales, some people have no concern for others

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I think It should be mandatory in all enclosed spaces. xx

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I agreeπŸ‘

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UK likes to wait till 15th before it’s mandatory on public transport. Why wait another 10 days? Prefer some more infections first? Also it should be mandatory in all shops and public spaces as it is in Germany. Deaths are a lot lot lower in Germany so it seems to me that they have the better policy.

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As said some people can’t wear masks for health reasons

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That does not stop the other 99% from wearing them

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Indeed not, perhaps they just don’t want to πŸ€”

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I read if you have any kind of lung health problem wearing a mask isnt good. I think wearing a mask is going to stop you getting it more than being 2m away. Sneeze spore travel further than 2m so I'm not convinced by that personally.

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You are contradicting yourself there. You are very right in saying sneezing makes the spores travel further so hence a mask would be better. On top of that wind will obviously carry the spores further than 2 meters, another reason. Those with serious lung problems could carry a permit so to speak or for their own health benefit may prefer to stay at home as much as possible.

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Unfortunately there will always be some people who bend or break the rules. I bought some masks on line and wore one for the first time yesterday. Although they are lovely, made in double thick soft cotton p,it took some getting used to. Breathing was difficult at times and I seemed to cough more. When I breathed out too hard it blew the mask off. I will still keep wearing one though as even though there are mixed opinions on wearing them I think its better to be safe than sorry.

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Perhaps wear a visor instead? You can make your own. A clever lady made a video of her using a headband with a transparent folder holder.

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So, yesterday the minister for transport says masks on public transport. Today the health minister says wear masks if you visit the hospital. I think when the announcement is made for shops to reopen then masks will be recommended.

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It is good advice ,myself i will just wear if compulsory as evedince is very weak is better than nothing though ,and may give false security for some with so many breaking the rules on social distance already as social distance and hand washing is the number 1 for not catching it ,masks can help you not spread it a little ,catching it it will make no difference there as you would wear goggles as well for your eyes if thats the case ,do be carefull takeing and putting mask on as catching it is through mouth nose and eyes through hands ,i do agree good idea for transport and hospitals

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Masks may be a good idea, if they work or not I'm not sure.

Like you say about the supermarket, I was in one today for myself and my mums shopping and some people are walking about not giving a toss about the 2 meter ruleπŸ™„

Yes I think in public places with more people such as transport, supermarket, hospitals . I always wear my sunglasses when I go out whatever the weather so when I start wearing my white mask I will look like the invisible man πŸ˜‰

I'm all for making masks mandatory anywhere in enclosed spaces where people congregate. If it does no good, it will certainly do no harm at this stage when infections are, in any case dropping. Let's try and keep that trend, and I see no science to show that masks won't help. So let's do it! There's no shortage of masks for sale now either. So no excuses.

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Masks do not give a 100% protection and I have several but was waiting until the Government decided we had to use them.

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Yes, I do. x

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I myself don't want to wear a mask, I have a speech problem and for me to communicate with people they sometimes need to lip read me. So for me it will become more difficult and stressful, so I'd rather not go out if it compulsory. Xx

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I know that it is difficult to wear a mask, as I have been practising with masks lately. However, if you do have problems with your speech, try taking a notepad and pencil with you. My daughter used to have to communicate with me via this method whilst she was on a ventilator. This has nothing to do with the current Covid outbreak, as she had had major surgery to try and alleviate some of her symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis, a muscle weakness condition.

You don't really want to stay in permanently, as you will become severely depressed, plus the fact that your immune system will become weakened if you do not go outdoors and interact. Please do not let all of this medical advice scare you, as fear is overtaking sense in the UK. I understand how stressed you must be feeling, as I become stressed over the fact that we cannot access other important healthcare. Covid has taken over the whole of the medical spectrum, and there is no room for other conditions, whether they are stress related, or medical emergencies. πŸ’Ÿ

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I have a hearing problem, and I often cannot understand people if I cannot see their lips - and I have lung and heart problems - and I need all the oxygen I can get.

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I have liked the transparent facemasks that have been made available. Brilliant for lip readers. Not ideal, but a safer option.

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MidoriVisually impaired

I'm looking for some at a reasonable price!

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Yes. Anyone can be asymptotic and wearing mask can stop/slow the spread of disease. Then maybe those of us shielding and our families will also be able to join the return to normality

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Wearing masks in England on public transport is compulsory but here in Northern Ireland one doesn't have to wear one as long as one keeps to the social distancing rule. I don't follow the rules for England; I follow those for Northern Ireland where we reside. Masks aren't even worn in the supermarkets by the staff, never mind the people shopping. My husband visits Salisbury but none of them wear masks. I don't know what the situation is for Tesco.

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When you look at the countries we’re wearing the mask is compulsory, the spread of COVID seems to be under control. The rest of the rules like staying home, keeping 2m apart, washing hands, closing borders and so on are according to WHO recommendations.

I am impressed with Slovakia for example how they handle the situation. Only about 1,500 cases and 28 death. New Zealand is another country doing really well.

Here in Canada the mask is recommended when the distancing is not possible. I think mask should be compulsory when in public unless, there is a health reason not to.

Stay safe and sane



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Yes. Wearing masks protects others. It's a no brainer.

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I think covid-19 is more intimidating than a facemask.

I attended an Asda click and collect today, both chaps bringing crates out did not distance themselves at any point, I might swap to the other one near me as they leave the crates down to you and off they go, felt much more comfortable there

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I don't think the government should require us to do anything like that. I'm still against mandatory seatbelts in cars except for children. The government just makes people NOT want to do the right things just because it's the government. That said we need to be more carrying of others instead of being selfish & centered. The mask is meant to protect others not the one wearing it. It slows down any germ that may come out of your mouth. If people would stay a safe distance & wear masks for the next couple of months we can be done with this virus thing. If it doesn't have a host it can't live for more than a couple of hours. The virus seems to be smarter than a lot of people.πŸ€”

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