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It’s me again

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Hi all, sorry to post again please don’t be annoyed with me, if I get to much I can remove myself from here.. I’m currently sobbing my heart out as I am really struggling with my mental health, my night terrors are scaring me, in this current situation of lockdown it’s bringing back terrible childhood memories.. I don’t want to carry on with it anymore.. I’m sorry I can remove myself if you prefer as I don’t want to put my problems on anyone I’m feeling guilty even writing this.. 😢😢

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We would rather you did talk about problems than not and no problems are silly and trivial as what's silly to one person isn't to another.

Lockdown is hard for everyone as I have had times when I have felt really fed up myself over the way things have been at present seemingly silly things like having to fight for food when there was no need had got my back up and other basic things like items from the pharmacy which was most unnecessary and I had been put out and angry over things I had looked forward to getting cancelled as well but there wasn't anything I could do about that but what I could do was look at new interests and concentrate on things that weren't cancelled like reading and have enjoyed time with great books during this time which I wouldn't have done otherwise.

When I thought about what's been going on no it wasn't silly and childish that I was upset no it was a normal response to a horrible situation same as with you its the way you are dealing with this situation that's an act of god and beyond anyone's control.

My friends had said to me when we talked about how we were getting on how there was no shame in having angry feelings over what had gone on and that it was natural as they had cried out of despair and i had as well and had felt better for crying and they informed me feeling angry is allowed and how its when the feelings turn to nasty actions is when its a problem.

You have every right to feel how you feel and there's no shame in admitting you can't cope and admitting a problem is the hardest step in solving it so well done for writing it on here!

Best of luck!

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Hi Pixie74,

Please don’t apologise these are very difficult times and it’s OK to feel upset, frightened, nervous and all those other feelings that are going on for you right now.

The RNIB have a support line on 0303 123 9999 and it might be worth chatting to someone on that tonight... they are open until 8pm.

In the meantime stay safe and we will hear from you soon 😎

All the best


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I found the Samaritan's very helpful when I wrote to them last year after I lost my job.

Please feel free to talk. I know it can all feel to much at times. When my daughter had the virus I prayed to God it would take me instead. But now she is on the mend. I still can’t hug her but at least I can see her from a distance xx

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No one's annoyed with you and we don't want you to leave, you're a part of a big community and we're all helping each other through it, if I remember correctly you posted a picture of some beautiful cakes that I'm sure we're delicious, when you're ready make some more, I'll certainly sit here in my little flat and we can share together, any time, day or night, come on here and moan, but please don't leave us, sending love and hugs your way xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi talk when ever you want to, take care x

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Awe you poor thing.Please don’t remove yourself from this forum.

It terrible I know

I have a lot of down days.If it wasn’t for my husband I would not of got up.

There is light at the end of the tunnel Maybe not now but there will be

Stay strong and positive.


Oh my dear Pixie, why on earth would we be annoyed with you, this is what we are all here for to help and support each other through this troubled time.

this cannot go on for ever even though it seems like things will never be the same again, they are already talking about slowly easing the restrictions for us and it will come soon, we all have to just hang on in there, together,

How are Olly and Molly your beautiful cats doing , they need you now to look after them, be strong for them x

This too will pass

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That's the thing nothing in life is forever is it?

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Hopefully, what others have already said will have reassured you that you are using this space for exactly the purpose intended and you are not imposing on anyone whatsoever. In this situation we are all in, some things we would normally brush aside can linger and need an outlet...such as this one.

I hope you continue to use this space as you see fit, it is your decision after all. Take care


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Sending love and hugs to you Pixie74.

Please reach out and I am sorry you are struggling. X

Hi Pixie74,

Please don't apologise for posting for help with such a serious matter. You are clearly struggling at the moment and it's really important to stay in communication with other people who may be able to help you, even if it's only by putting your feelings into a post.

Please do ask for some urgent assistance from your GP, saying that you are struggling, so that you get some advice and maybe can be put in touch with organisations who can help you to manage this. If you are feeling desperate at any time, please do call the Samaritans who are always there for you. Sometimes it's good to just hear a voice on the other end of a telephone line, especially if you have woken in the wee hours feeling desperate. They will allow you to talk it through for as long as you need. Its Freephone number is 116 123.

Be assured we are here for you and you can post as many times as you want or need to. 🙏

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You have to remember Pixie74, these feelings of desperation are temporary so your decision making is going to be way off. Under no circumstances would anyone be annoyed with you and you post as many time as you want too. You feel like this because your judgement is misplaced at the moment because of the way you are feeling but we are here to give you support. I see Jerry has given you the information for the helplines and you must use them when you feel the need. It is important you stay connected and keep talking. It's good to talk right. People care, they really do care. Night terror's, this is an affliction that some suffer from regardless of what life has dealt them. They are terrifying. There are some sleep apps that are useful and it would be helpful to sleep with a night light on while you are experiencing these night terrors. If you wake up very frightened, you need something immediately at the side of you to re-focus and move your mind away from it for that moment. So have a warm flask of milk by your bedside and a book or your computer with a film you like so you can immediately switch focus if it is the middle of the night. Prepare it before you go to bed. Always remember you are not alone and help is out there and we are here. xxx

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MidoriVisually impaired

Hi Pixie,

We can see you really need the support of the people here. Don't worry about troubling us, this is what we come here for, to help and be helped in turn.

Try to be brave.

Cheers Midori

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Oh Pixie74, I am sorry, and I sincerely hope that you get some consolation from the thoughtful replies of support. Don't suffer alone, and please seek help.

A year ago i began a grieving process for a very complicated loss. On the days and nights that I didn't want to be here, I would listen to YouTube talks given by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, Pum Village. They helped me gain a stronger, inner calm, which I still lose, continuously (!), but it is a journey. Here is a link about staying present in the moment, even when the moment feels unbearable. It does pass, but you need help to recover and heal from those memories.

I also use a free app called Insight Timer, which has been a life saver, especially when I can't sleep.

You are stronger than you think, and you are valued by us, and your cats need you!

Please take care of yourself... x

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I say keep reaching out and talking.. the world is sometimes a scary place and I find comfort in talking to others that have the same problems as me

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Thank you for sharing this with others, in this wonderful forum! Like you, I’ve had night terrors! I have some bad childhood memories, that haunt me! I don’t want to carry on with it anymore, too! You’ve come to the right place, in sharing this with us! You know, feelings are neither right or wrong. Your intense feelings are ok to have! You should not feel any guilt about writing this, and, like me, you don’t want to put your problems on anyone else! It’s really difficult to be isolated, for such a long period of time. Please continue to express your thoughts in this forum. That way, we can each help others, get through these scary, uncertain times. I, personally, am not annoyed by you speaking out! You can use some help, and understanding from others, who feel similarly, like the way you do. You take care, now, and know that you have support, understanding, and friends, here, in this forum! Wishing you the best!

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