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Prednisolone & the vaccine

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Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with PMR at the beginning of the month and this is now my third week on 15mg Prednisolone. It has worked wonders both physically and mentally. I wonder if anyone could answer these questions though: I am due to have my second OxfordAZ on 2nd May. Obviously my immune system will be somewhat suppressed by the steroids. Will this mean that the jab will offer less protection against Covid? Also, are any vaccine side effects likely to be increased due to a suppressed immune system? I am healthy & active apart from the PMR (which seems to be under control now) and an under-active thyroid for which I take 75mcg levothyroxine.

This forum is a great source of comfort and crucial information. Thank you all.

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Nobody can say what any individual’s response is going to be really, though the more immunosuppressed you are the less likely you will have a robust response. Even as a non-medicated individual you might not and it can go the other way too. The small print is still to take precautions but it gets lost in the “let’s rejoice, normality is upon us” headlines. Again, side effects are variable and on here it can be seen that some on Pred get away with very little and some are less lucky.

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Thanks very much. I guess I was stupidly searching for certainty to quell the fear about catching Covid, about having the vaccine while being on steroids etc etc but of course it’s all so variable as you say. It’s just fingers’ crossed and onwards.

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Let's just say we'll have more protection with the vaccine than without 🙂. Sensible precautions after vaccine is the way forward for us.

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See this - discuses the subject -

Very informative and very reassuring too. I’ve been using the Zoe app since the beginning but this video passed me by, so thank you for putting it my way.

We’re all going forward with our Vaccines & ever hopeful 🙏🏼 l take two drugs that could make it less effective but still it’s better than nothing & it may just be OK 🙏🏼

Welcome to the Group you’ll find lots of help here.

Kind Regards


Thank you so much. Yes, definitely having the vaccine. So grateful for it. It’s just that I’m new to steroids so collecting as much info as possible.

Very Wise! You’ve come to the right place! 😉

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No-one, not even the scientists cananswer that - there is no complete data analysis for it yet.

I posted this 3 weeks ago:

In the meantime a study on cancer patients with suppressed immune systems (UK) and another on organ transpant patients (USA) have established there is reduced response. The UK study found there was almost no development of immune response after 3 weeks with the first shot but the deficit was made up to a great extent after the booster shot. This led them to emphasise we shouldn't rely on being protected after the first shot and that for certain patient groups the booster should be given sooner rather than later.

I haven't changed my habits after the first jab - nor will I even after Easter Monday when I get my second Moderna shot, 4 weeks after the first as recommended by the manufacturer and the EMA. When the infection levels are lower I will start doing more than just basic shopping (but still not shopping, didn't do that any more than I had to anyway ;) ) - and after Easter I might go for an aperol spritz sitting outside the village pizzeria. But only outside in the sun ,,,

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Thank you for this. Yes, I’ve been very cautious too and will continue to be. Ah warm sunshine & an aperol spritz. Now that’s something to aim for!

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Our vaccine schedules are similar. I get second Moderna on Holy Thursday. When my sister and I are both two weeks past and infection levels down, we’re looking into available outdoor eating places for our weekly lunches. We’ve been meeting in my home, eating 15-20 feet apart. Other thing on my bucket list is a real haircut. 💇.

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It has been a great opportunity to grow my hair! Needs a tidy up - but it is long enough to tie back now :)

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