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Tummy bug hopefully over!

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Very thankful that after half a day at Death’s Door, R has managed to walk 4 miles round lovely wetland country park admiring monitor lizards, crocodiles, many birds including hornbills etc. and eaten light food. Feet and legs killing (OH’s too) but muchly worth it. Most glad it didn’t come on during 5 hour drive back to Singapore from Melaka. The experience did bring back all the fears of the last few years for a while, but lfe is being lived now.

Sorry, no grandchildren to boast about or keep us going, so boasting about this instead!

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Well you are certainly having a wonderful adventure. Glad you are feeling better too. That's what we all wish for in 2019

So happy for you. I think you are incredibly brave considering the bad experience last time. I am sure your flight home will be fine. What a thrilling trip you have had. Thank you for sharing it with us. Make sure you let us know when you get safely home. This really was the trip of a lifetime!! Xxx

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