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RUDY Study


RUDY study with the University of Oxford have for a while been studying rare diseases such as GCA and even PMR. They need quite a few people within each rare disease before they can start analysing the information and giving the results back to the community. They have done a video at:)

You can sign up at

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I have primary central nervous system vasculitis and would be more than happy to take part in your research.

in reply to wobblypat

Is it just me or is everything aimed at primary school children these days?

No, it’s not just you. The left wants to control society through socialism communism. The way you do that is to indoctrinate our children. Common Core is a good example.

I'm just fed up with having things explained to me in cartoon form with jingly music, even on the news , and now from a university research department. I don't have a political axe to grind.

Last time I contacted a research project they didn't get back to me.

Can US residents participate?

I can’t see why not. Try it and see if they reject you!

Thanks. Could not participate in any physical exams required.

Oh well, what a pity.

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