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Anadronic acid


Good morning,

One and all I was diagnosed with pmr back in 2016/2017 Was put on the dreaded predisolne but feel it was reduced to fast the first time round, So problems with pmr reappeared ten time worse so put back on the predisolne but now at very low dose.

What my main concern is I was put on anadronic acid tabs and have been for 2 year's plus ,And my query is I never received a dextra scan before being prescribed this drug and have not had any scans since I've been taking it.

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Hi Jura1959, unfortunately many consultants and doctors are insisting that folk take AA regardless of whether their bones are perfectly OK or not.

How would they know whether or not the AA has helped as they didn't know the state of your bones to begin with. So in effect you may never have needed to take this drug.

There is no way that they could say the AA has improved your bone density as there would be no comparison.

I don't agree with this practice at all.


You should ask your doctor to refer you for a dexascan to see if you could stop the AA - because the current recommendations are they shouldn't be used for more than 2-3 years at a time without a "holiday".

I would request a scan at this stage. It is

Pointless to take this drug if you don’t have Osteoporosis . I believe that it shouldn’t be taken for more than 3 years by anyone either. I hope that you haven’t been enduring the side effects of this drug. It must have been difficult to sort out what symptoms belonged to which cause ie PMR or the AA side effects. I do not have personal experience of Alendronic Acid but have been offered it countless times, routinely. I have had two very good DEXA scan results and was told I had the bones of a 30 year old by a very nice technician. The second one two years later showed no osteoporosis but the messenger was more grudging. I have been taking calcium and vit D supplements and my diet includes dairy.

Many thanks I must admit I was hesitant at first but doctor insisted it was for the best even though I also took supplements to protect my bones due to the sport I played at a competive level.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Jura1959

You can't tell without a dexascan - but if you participated in competition level sport the chances are you built pretty good bone density in your younger years. Only a dexascan will show. And if you DO have good bone density - it is very silly to add to that bone density artificially just to say it is denser. There is no proven correlation between bone density and fractures - most people who have fractures have normal bone density. Having very low bone density in the neck of the femur is a different problem.

Many thanks a lot of food for thought

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