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Awaiting results

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I found your fantastic site after my gp decided to test for prm even though I am only 55!! Apparently it’s rare this young but not rare enough to ignore. The symptoms fit so gp reckons that’s enough to suspect prm. Very grateful to have an on the ball gp.

If it does turn out to be this horrible disease then I at least come armed with some great info from you all.

Bloods back Monday so crossing my fingers till then!

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Welcome to this very informative and friendly site.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


And welcome. If it is PMR then sure you’ll be back with plenty of questions.

A very warm welcome to you. A good GP is such a blessing while you are going through pmr.

Don’t forget many of us have bloods that don’t reflect any signs of PMR I am in that class xxxx

Hello Yellowbluebell and welcome to our community!

The only thing to say about bloods is that the results are not definitive. Not everyone shows the inflammation in the blood test results. The diagnosis tends to be most reliable when based on symptoms and a rapid, positive response to Prednisalone. Let us know how you get on. The chances are, if you have the pattern of symptoms, then you’ve got it. Lots of advice available here. X

Welcome. I was diagnosed at 56. There is a lot of useful help and support to be found in this group that will be invaluable should you have PMR. All the best.

I was diagnosed with PMR at 50yrs in 2016 on steroids for 2yrs had relapse June this year back on steroids

Hopefully you will get good results but if you have PMR we are all here to help

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Welcome Yellowbluebell

I was 56 when l was diagnosed & there are more than the GP’s realise.

As Sheffield Jane says bloods sometimes don’t tell the whole story but they are definitely worth having done as a baseline.

Let us know your results tomorrow & if your GP starts you on Prednisolone.

Best Wishes

Mrs N 🌺

I was diagnosed at 53 so welcome aboard the nifty fifties pmr ship. If you do have it, you'll find pmr is so variable and affects people differently so it does get confusing but on this site, you can always get help and support. Any time you want info the aunties will deliver great answers and do-able advice. Good luck

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Welcome - and in way I hope your bloods are raised. There is no specific test for PMR, they look at ESR and CRP and if they are raised that shows there is inflammation present and supports the clinical evidence of symptoms and history. HOWEVER, for 20% of patients they are not raised for some reason and even some rheumatologists will believe the blood results before they acknowledge the patient does have a problem which could well be PMR. However - a good response to a moderate dose of pred is taken as confirmation that the suspicion of PMR was probably correct. I had a miracle in under 6 hours with 15mg pred and there are others on the forum who tell the same story - but it doesn't always work so fast and if you have bursitis/tenosynovitis then it often takes longer.

No it ISN'T "rare this young" - and even the international guidelines admit it happens in over 50s! I was still just 51 when it started though not diagnosed until I was almost 57 and there are even people under 50 with it. No-one told PMR it isn't allowed to manifest until you have a specific birthday. And the impression I get is that it is appearing more and more in the 50s - not least because younger patients have been told this myth they are too young and it perpetuates itself because doctors won't find what they aren't looking for but that is changing slowly.

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I know this is a really odd question but when I was in my late twenties my then doctor sent me for the test for temporal arteritis which I now know is somehow related to gca or is the same thing but the test came back negative and he said I just had migraine. I just wondered if this has anything to go with how I feel now or was it just a coincidence?

I was 53 when pmr hit. Prednisone will let you know one way or the other...

I was 53. It is worth getting a 2nd opinion, but I'm afraid PMR can strike at our (youngish) age. This forum is fantastic- any questions, just ask and someone will have an answer.

PMR is a bummer, but many people have far worse things, and one day we will all be fine again.

Hello Bluebell, I was diagnosed three years ago when I was 55. My doctor was also on the ball and I started taking prednisone very quickly after my blood test results showed an ESR of 120. I am now down to 2mg per day after reducing slowly using the method advised on this site. I don’t have any symptoms so fingers crossed I may be free at last of this condition.

My journey has been fairly straight forward so hopefully yours won’t be too bad either. Good luck. X

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YellowbluebellAmbassador in reply to margiebell4

Thanks for your comments. Today hasn’t been the best day as can not see gp till next Tuesday after being told by receptionist that 3 abnormal blood results are not a reason to see him!! Arguments have bring going in all day and definitely won’t get through to any doctor now till Tuesday so just have to tough this week out. I am glad you have done so well and hopefully I can do the same.

I was diognosed for PMR & GCA on my 50th but had Fibro many yrs b4 that- which went from bad to worse, so wasn’t surprised when told I’d probably had them for yrs too!

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