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Easily pleased.

Thought I'd have a lazy day yesterday but finally got a call from a handyman to put up numerous shelves, mirrors, towel rails and cupboards around the house. Place looks like it's be blitzed where I've emptied and moved stuff around but slowly coming together. Wonderful. Another good news item, my daughter ready for another tribunal to reinstate her benefits for Fibromyalgia got a call saying they've reviewed case again - reinstating and backdating to start of February, so no tribunal to attend and be humiliated at. Result!! No change in her condition for last 10 years and has been very stressfull for her ( and multiple other cases too). Thank goodness for bank of mum these last 7 months. Last time it was for 10 months, 2 tribunals and no backdated payments. Yaay!!

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So pleased for you and your Daughter its so hard getting Benefits that people should get without having to appeal. Going through the stress of MR and still going to tribunal, I hope she gets a long award so you both don't have to go through this again for a long while .

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Thank you Rose54, we've been through several tribunals in last 6 years (2 only 2 years ago). I feel sorry for all the deserving people who've been declined. Does help to have a stubborn bugger as a mother!

What a relief for you both. It's beyond belief what some people have to go through. For a few years in Canada veterans who were amputees had to reapply for benefits every two years. As they pointed out, the chance that the missing limb would grow back in that time was near zero!

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Thank you HeronNS. Bad enough to have a disability without people doubting you. Like most people I was mostly unaware of difficulties faced on coping with everyday life. Don't get me started on pavements and dropped curbs, like today, when pushing my daughter's wheelchair. One side of the road drops nicely onto road, other side has raised edge - bumping up wheelchair leaves me knackered after day out. Profanities reign!!

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I know what you mean. One really has to live with, or be close to someone with a disability to really "get" it. I think things are much much better than they were in the "good old days" but now we see not how far we've come but how far there is still to go!

What good news for your daughter and your bank balance! You can look forward to the house looking ship shape when the cupboards and shelves are all done.

Diary in that lazy day asap!

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Had to laugh Rugger at your lazy day comment. I decided to take a break from sorting out cupboards and really fancied some Heinz Cream of Tomato soup. (childhood favourite) Just carrying to table when my hand gave out - orange soup everywhere, countertop, on light grey kitchen units, floor, microwave. Worried what that stain can do (it can last forever) I've spent an hour cleaning up! Thank goodness I had another tin in cupboard! And now relax!!

I love it when handymen show up! Glad for your daughter also. What a relief.

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Thank you bunnymom. Waited weeks for him to return after giving estimate, Just now got plumber to come and put new radiator in, tile and put in showerhead above bath ! Hopefully this side of christmas.

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