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pmr & knees


I recently developed swollen legs - both -and extreme knee pain. Had ultra sound scan which showed cyst (bakers) behind the knee on first leg to swell.then the other leg became swollen. Doc puzzled because both legs! After 3/4 weeks decided only thing to try was steroids as i have pmr from 2011. My simple question is - can pmr affect knee ? Didt when i developed it in 2011. 2/3 weeks on the steroids are working !

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What Pred dose are you taking? Did the doctor advise you to treat it with steroids?

I get fluid on my knees and sharp pain coming down stairs, I’ve always thought that it was more arthritic than PMR related. I guess that I am more aware of it on lower dose Pred (7mgs).

Baker’s Cysts sound nasty. I am glad something helps you. The advice seems to be to keep weight off your legs. So, no excuses, you have to put your feet up. I hope they disperse soon, you are taking the best anti inflammatory there is.


It was present in my knees right at the start. Now it is just advancing age...

I had bakers cyst, before I took steroids, it was very painful,I had physio treatment, but ended up with having to have a new knee,then got a infection in wound, weeks of antibiotics, and trauma, Then I was diagnosed with PMR, I do wonder if that was why I ended up with PMR good luck with. Yours.

I had my knees drained a few times and have had steroid injections in them. It helped to start with now it doesn't. I started with A typical pmr and went on to be diagnosed with OA, RA and now PSA. My knees feel so weak that I now wear knee supports and they seem to have dispersed the bakers cysts around the knee not behind it.

I also suffer from swelling above and around both knees,it makes my legs feel very stiff and numb. Before l was diagnosed with PMR,my GP said it was atheritis. I find that the swelling is a lot worse after walking about too much,especially after long shopping trips. I find that if l have been out and about it is best to stay in and rest the next day,this is a nuisance sometimes as sitting around too much is not considered a healthy thing to do.l find that when my knees are swollen it feels like there is a piece of tight elastic behind them and it is difficult to bend my legs. I did find that when l was started on a high dose of preds,my legs and knees felt a lot better,l am down to 3mgs now and l intend to see my GP next week to see if l need to increase the dose.

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It could well be bursitis or synovitis - and part of the PMR. Who made the PMR diagnosis? Did they rule out late onset RA?

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