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Slight double vision, no headache, optician can't see a problem, should I worry

I've come all the way down to 5 mg of pred a day and am doing ok except that today I saw that there were 2 drawing pin holes in the wall when there had only been one. Small object seemed blurry , larger ones were ok. I saw optician who knows I have GCA and he examined my eyes, said he couldn't see a problem and also that my prescription had stayed the same for the last year. All good but what about the blurring, do I ignore it? If not what should I do? Am I worrying over nothing?

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Hi doubtfullee,

Think you are probably worrying about nothing, but you’ve done the right thing it getting it checked.

I think many of us have days when eyes are not as good as they should be, it may be connected to Pred, it may be something else altogether. For example have you started any different medication? But just monitor things, and obviously should they get any worse then you’ll need to follow up. Hopefully they won’t.


Hello, on the one hand when my eyes started to deteriorate rapidly with GCA there was still nothing to see by the opthalmic doc, though I had recently had a wallop of Pred and could see again at that point. On the other hand Pred has messed with my eyes and my ability to accommodate changes in focus at different depths. If I look at a book and then up the garden things can be double or blurry. Some days are much better than others. While I have no other GCA symptoms and it is variable and transient I don’t worry and just curse the inconvenience. My optician said it isn’t worth me getting new glasses because my eyesight is so changeable. I do get my eye pressures checked every three months and have a photo taken of my retina every six months or with the pressures if I’m worried. As always, if it worsens or other symptoms come in, get it checked.

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