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Could I have temporal arterites?

I started having this severe headache ab a week ago. Pain on right temple, top of head, jaw, and neck. Pain will wake me up feom my sleep. My lower right side of back/hip hurts too. Been having that pain for an 6 months. I am a 31 female, with possible lupus. My ct scan was normal and crp was 4.3. Been to er 4x and they dismiss it as a migraine. This feels different. Also on my right side of throat hurt and sometimes when I swollow it hurts my head. Could this be something else? My Reumathroid Dr is out until Jan 1.

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It isn't impossible but it is unlikely - there is a version which younger people develop called Takayashu's arteritis which tends to affect other areas of the body too. However, it could all be part of whatever autoimmune disorder you have - which at present they are thinking is lupus.

Surely your rheumatoid doctor has someone covering for him? You do need to see a specialist rather than the ER who may not have seen similar cases.


PMRpro is correct

However if you cannot get anyone before Jan 1st, and I fail to see why, there is always cover.

You cannot wait that long and if you do end up going to A&E, ask to see the Consultant in Charge and take someone with you and take those Guidelines with you.

Go to this website, read and download the BSR Guidelines on Diagnosis and Treatment of GCA. pmr-gca-northeast.org.uk/us...

Have you spoken to your GP?


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