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Looked into Bowen treatment which was recommended over here. Sounded really great but.... I contacted a person who does Bowen and was told it costs £90 per treatment and I needed at least 6 treatments before I know if it helps at all. Decided to pass.

In the meanwhile, started accuptantre every 10 days or so. I thinks it helps, at least with anergy and breathing.

Now on 10mg prednisolone, being investigated for MS.....hope for the best.....

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  • 😮 mine costs £30 and I know someone else who does £35 and I'm in a part of the country where prices tend to be on the higher side. Sounds a bit steep to me.

  • Where are you? I am in London. Found one person that does it around my area.... £30 is reasonable. Does it help you?

  • Cambridgeshire. I find it is of benefit especially as anything very hands on like massage or reflexology is just too much for me at the moment. I don't have PMR, only GCA, but with the steroids my muscles are rubbish so I injure easily and I also get a bit lopsided with tension. The biopsy also didn't do me any favours.

  • Thank you for your reply. Wish you better

  • I agree. Mine cost £30 per session.

  • Hi,

    PMRpro always reckons you’ll know after 3 sessions whether it’s going to work.

    I had 5 sessions at £50 a time, mind the therapist did other things as well for my arthritis, which all sounded very plausible but unfortunately nothing seemed to work for me - so I gave up!

    £90 does sound a bit OTT though.

  • I also think it is a crazy price and no guarantee for not going for it

  • Hi mepoly20

    Good luck regarding further investigations. I had similar investigations in the 90s....was clear and symptoms turned out to be connected to bulging discs in lower back.

  • Me and Bowen.................PMRpro a very close friend, tried for about 18 months for me to give it a go, I should have listened earlier.

    Within 4 sessions, out of wheelchair (still in garage), zimmer frame followed about ` month later. Six months walking stick, now lives in handbag (it folds) and comes out only when pavements etc look uneven.

    So yup it worked for me. I still go for booster sessions at six monthly intervals, then I had an op (gall bladder) went a bit awry and ended up with 4 weeks in hospital and three months with District Nurses. So back to Bowen and luckily my lovely Joanna, did home visits for me for one month.

    I can confirm that a registered practioner will do no more than three one hour sessions in three consecutive weeks and then tell you it is not working for you.

    How can I say this with confidence, because another person who is a family member went and is there was no improvement after the sessions, Joanna told her know more.

    BTW, in Australia, there a university degree courses on Bowen. So if a practitioner does not have the qualification.............

    Most countries have an organisation for that keeps a list of qualified Bowen Therapists, if they are not on that list. Do not even contemplate trying them or paying them hard cash.

    Me: GCA 5 years and 7th year in remission starting on 1 Jan 2018.

  • I have tried Bowen 3 times- the last one was for PMR and OA. Never worked for me and the last one stirred up something -enough to give me a flare! So not always helpful and at £90 not worth the risk!

  • Thank you. Wish you better

  • Then I would be suspicious she isn't a genuine Bowen therapist and is just out to make money. That is extortionate and any good Bowen therapist will tell you that if it hasn't helped in 3 sessions it probably won't. I was told that by someone who TEACHES Bowen - who you would think would know!

    Rates should be more like £35 outside London and some will offer the 3 for £100 or so. This clinic offers half price Thursday afternoons - normal price is £60 - and also some concessionary prices for people with Financial constraints (pensioners????)

    This lot

    say clearly on their site that, while how long it needs depends on the condition, often 3 or 4 sessions are all that is needed.

    It won't cure the PMR - it is the add-ons those of us who use it find it helps with - and you may have to consider it every 6 months or so. I did and so do a few others I know.

    Have a look on the Bowen Association site:

    or this one

    who are both picky about who they approve. Maybe you'll find someone easily get-at-able with a decent price. Some offer a parallel session - 2 people done at the same time. Each movement is followed by a rest period so it is perfectly possible to treat 2 people in tandem without skipping technique.

  • Thank you for your very lengthy reply. Will look closely into it

  • Just looked at the list of therapists. There are a few in a reasonable distance to me... Will look into it

  • All best wishes for a good outcome from the investigations you are going through.

    I would not have paid that fee either therapies are more usually £30-50.

    I had a disappointing experience with one too. It seemed to be a " laying on of hands" then clearing off into another room without explanation. A bit of a charlatan I think.

    I found Acupuncture ridiculously painful - I was surprised and embarrassed.

    Let us know how you get on!

  • Hi mepoly, I paid sixty pounds a session for three sessions, which I thought was pretty steep. In my case it was a total waste of time but a lot of people say they find it really works well for them. I also tried acupuncture which also did nothing for me. All to our own.

  • While I totally get your search for alternatives, i too have been down the a similar road. just hours prior to being hit with dizziness which woke me up in the night 2 months ago, I had been to an osteopath because my neck was so suddenly stiff, likely the start of ?PMR. I had some gentle stretching of my neck that evening. I will never have that done again.

    I also had recently been to a massage therapist who had to suddenly stop due to a pounding pulse in my right neck. She said she had never seen that in her 18 years of massage. Very worrying.

    I did find amazing results from Reiki in relieving tension and it is hands free.

    All I can say is from my experience, be careful. I have a rheumatological disease nyd ? GCA ? vasculitis ? PMR. I have spent so much on trying to align my spine, get rid of muscular tension, only to end up with this. Prednisone is the only thing that has worked unfortunately.

  • Thanks for your reply

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