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Some of us suffer more than others!

as I read these sometimes heart wrenching posts, I realise how fortunate I am, I do have both little buggers, but I have to say, my side effects, and journey down this misarable path, we are all on, I am ( so far) blessed with my lot!

I read horror stories, that bring tears to my eyes, like poor, shefieldjane, she has so many problems with her pmr, she must be a wonderful person, her charity work, family commitments, seems she has enough on her plate with her daily life, let alone suffering from pmr!

They certainly are equal opportunity deseases ! they care not who they afflict!, but it just amazes me, those of you, on this Web site, and I'm sure many who are not, accept, and fight these chalenges like knights in armour! suffer we do, but we are so apparently up to the challenge! we should be proud of our fortitude! it is we, who keep it together, with spirit of all working for us!

Love to all


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I have been blessed so far,down from 20 to 10 without any flares.I was diagnosed in April.I think what makes a difference is that I was diagnosed early and my inflammation rate was only 28.This site has really helped me When I had a potential flare,my Doctor let me go slower.Hope it Continues.Even had an operation for a prolapsed bladder and my surgeon knew about PMR and how to handl it.😊


What a lovely post! 🌸


Great post - so true. This site is great for letting people vent, share and understand - a really positive feature of social media (that to my mind has a lot to answer for....)


Great post. Unfortunately I was not diagnosed right away because of my young age at the time 51. My inflammation was at 75. But regardless, this forum has been life-saving for me. I also have a wonderful doctor working with me and I am on my way to a full recovery!

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