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In the last 3 weeks I have been given 3new pills then in last week have been told to stop 2 of them which I have done I am left with alecadronic which I'm unsure of

You probably will know my problems from last comments but I do find this group very good thank you what I would like to know is there anyone out there have trouble with muscles on trying to walk

Thanks june

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In the early months of PMR I found that walking up even a slight incline felt like climbing a mountain and when I walked downhill, it almost felt as if I was falling forwards. This has improved with time - I was diagnosed 13 months ago - but I still can't walk as far or as fast uphill, but I'm better on the flat. I'm sure I've read similar posts over the last year, so I'm sure you're not alone.


Trouble in what sense?


Like Rugger I find slopes of any type hard work, both up and down. I am not sure it has made much difference over time. I also find I am weaker nowadays when I have to carry things such as shopping.


IRussty8 I started walking wonky as though I was drunk after afew weeks I hired a walker with wheels and after another few weeks I bought one!! Then I tryed without the walker and in a hurry i fell over and I broke my leg!! What does that teach me? Not to walk outside without my walker!! And to be patient!!!!! Good luck and I hope you it's a short time for you .


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