Wee flare up

I'm new diagnosed in Jan had been unwell few months before that I was on 20 mg pred and after 6week reduced to 15 this was ok but had flare up 3 weeks ago due I think to my brother in law dying fairly suddenly and then a close friend two weeks ago saw gp and he advised to go back to 20 mg this has taken a week to help is this normal? As it helped in 24hrs after first dose. Now as we seem to have some sun is there any side effects with the steroids , I have very fair skin and would normally use factor 50 and were a hat or should I avoid the sun?

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  • Hi renasykes

    Welcome, sorry to hear about your recent losses, which certainly wouldn't have helped your situation, but think the major cause was reducing from 20 to 15mg in one go - much too big!

    Next time around, when you feel things have settled try 2.5mg drop, even that is slightly more than the recommended "not more than 10% of your existing dose". Most people can manage that, but not all.

    It's probably taken a little longer this time because of the extra stress of bereavement- PMR just revels on any kind of stress. So remember that for future, and would suggest you don't try and reduce until life has settled down a bit.

    Yes, the sun can affect you more when on Pred, especially if, like you, you gave a fair skin. Don't avoid it altogether, it does you good, and we don't see enough of it in U.K., but might be wise to take a little extra care particularly during the time it's at it's strongest.

    Take care.

  • I too am sorry to hear of your losses - and no wonder you have flared with that in combination with a large dose reduction. It often takes longer for a flare to be brought under control - so all the more reason for doing all you can to avoid one and reducing slowly does help.

    Factor 50 and a hat should be fine - I actually find the only bit of me that catches the sun is my neck down to my t-shirt neckline which turns bright red while the rest goes brown. Bizarre or what!

  • I like you use factor 50 have for 30+ years carried on the same and was fine

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