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Neck Problem

Good morning folks. First diagnosed with pmr 5yrs ago,had varying ailments because of the condition.Over the last 3-4 weeks have had severe pain and discomfort,emanating from back of my neck, to my right shoulder down my arm to my right hand,accompanied by pins and needles in right arm. I think that I may have swelling at top of my spine, hard to tell but i'm sure that I have read on posts about this.If anyone can shed any light I would be obliged.

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It could be an ulnar nerve problem - is it more the little and ring fingers that are involved? It happened to me when I had spasmed muscles in my shoulder due to myofascial pain syndrome which is often found alongside PMR but it can also be due to entrapment near the vertebrae.

Are you sure the swelling at the top of your spine isn't the pred "buffalo hump"?


That was the name I couldn't remember. you are probably correct. Have been on pred. this spell for 16 mths, gradually down from 20 to 7.5 per day. Saw my consultant a month ago but hadn't noticed the hump at that time. What would you suggest my next move should be. and what are the ramifications of the hump. Thank you for taking the time to answer my query. John


The hump will go away once you are off pred - it is just a fat deposit courtesy of pred I'm afraid.

I'm currently having massage and manual myofascial release therapy to soften up the hard and spasmed muscles in my back. I don't live in the UK though - you might have to look for a private sports massage therapist or physiotherapist if that is within your means. I and others have found Bowen therapy helps a lot too.

I used to do Pilates regularly until I moved here - and once things were reasonably back to normal I found it kept the next bout of muscle tightness at bay for some time as well as strengthening my back muscles. You can't do that though when they are really tight or spasmed.


Pmrpro, thank you for the information, puts my mind at rest. Very grateful, John.


I have GCA and I have a really painful neck - like tight bands around my neck and a dull headache. Sometimes the pain extends up into my skull at the back. Also my shoulders ache. I had thought it might be because the GCA is in my Corotid and Subclavian arteries. You have my sympathy.


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