what am I here for?

How many times do I say that when I walk in a room.

I am hoping this brain fog, to the point of no short term memory gets better as I get off these high doses.,

I think there is a weight loss effect to prednisone, its the " made lunch , put it on table walked away , for,lord knows what , to find it much later, where I left it untouched ," diet🤔

Good morning ( here in the states) maybe good afternoon or good night to this lovely community.



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  • Good afternoon here!

    You only have to worry when you walk into the toilet (aka restroom) and don't know why you are there!

  • oh boy... thats a good one, not there yet. but I am in there so much, I have planned on how to redecorate it!


  • Have you got problems in that direction then?

  • Drinking tons of lemon water with parsley and cucumbers to avoid water gain so just the expected.!

  • That's OK then - was worried you had the other sort of frequency and were on (for example) omeprazole which is renowned for causing that!!

  • oh no in fact the opposite , thanks fior checking!

  • Love your weight loss story. Could do with that recipe. I posted her last week that I had my prednisolone box in front of me and couldn't remember if I taken them. Hoping too that my brain will sort itself out as I reduce. Otherwise I'll have to find something else to blame ;) good luck :)

  • Oh, you can always find plenty of things to blame!

    When you live on your own, it's surprising how many things seem to have a mind of their own - just wish I could locate mine sometimes - seems to go walkabout much too often. 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    Trouble is, can't blame the Pred any more.

  • Makes life interesting though, when, for example, you find your clean socks in the fridge and find that you've thrown your new tablets away and kept the old carton. Fortunately, I hadn't emptied the bin ! Don't know whether to blame pred, age or combination of the two.

  • Anything! Certainly not you!

  • Now was I like that before taking Pred? ..... I really can't remember .......:)

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