Continuing to spoil myself

Hi there,

Following Tuesday's over-indulgence, just got back from 'proper' fish and chips eaten out of good old fashioned paper! In the late afternoon/early evening sunshine looking out over the English Channel - like a millpond!

Don't feel too guilty - first fish & chips of the season, did Pilates this morning, and forwent the usual ice cream 🍦afters! Ohh, the sacrifice!

Do hope you all enjoyed the day if you had sunshine as well, hopefully continuing into the weekend.

Take care.

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  • Sounds like bliss and only having recently joined and seeing how supportive to everyone you are; well deserved:)

  • Good for you, you deserve some treats DL.

    But just how many chocolate eggs have you got lined up eh???!!! 😋

  • None actually! But have some stashed away for grandkids!

  • Good evening DL

    Cant beat good old fish and chips eaten out of paper, I remember when it was served in news paper, didn't do us any harm though.

    It's still sunny here in east Anglia, [ i'm on the borders of Cambridge and Suffolk ] so no sea views from here, except fields of oil seed rape which is a beautiful shade of yellow, weather looks good for the weekend, so make the most of it.

  • Yes it is a lovely colour, but unfortunately it's the one thing that gives me mild hay fever. Used to get it in my drive to work back in the day!

  • Same here with my hubby, he's hasn't stop sneezing, but a bit better this week, been here 40 years so a bit late to move away from it.

  • I had the icecream for you ;-) Went for a walk instead of Pilates...

  • Worth the trade off!

  • Dorset Lady,

    You are still such an inspiration to me. I moved last June from San Francisco to Salt Lake City in Utah. I did not know anyone here and left family and friends back in S.F. I needed to live in a less expensive City. S.F. is now the most expensive City in the nation,! I would like to retire in 3 years when I will be 82. I still travel back to S.F. once or twice a month and work there for a few days and the rest here on my computer. I got my pred. down to 2 mg a day and began at 80 per day 3 years ago now, when diagnosed. Last week I started having sharp head pains again and raised back up to 5 mg. I went to the Lab for blood tests on Monday and all of them were normal. The Dr. and I are thinking now that it was caused by nasal congestion with sinus problems. Pollens are everywhere at the moment. I went down again today to 3 mg. and feel great. I am using a nasal spray and have had no further problems.

    Please keep being an inspiration to so many. I will be flying to England in July right after my 79th birthday and will be there for 2 family weddings returning to the States in September. I will then miss the extreme summer heat here. God bless you for your courage and encouragement to so many of us.


  • Hello Delia,

    My gosh - you are the inspiration still working at 78. I certainly couldn't have done that pre diagnosis, nor early days into treatment.

    Do hope you enjoy your trip over here for the summer weddings, but don't be in too much of a rush to get off Pred beforehand. It would be nice if you could, but at very low doses you're not going to get side effects, so better be safe than sorry.

    Although, I do have to say it is a great feeling after taking your last Pred - psychologically in the first place, but also physically - 6 months off Pred I feel so much better than I've felt for years!

    Good luck, and thank you for your kind words.

  • Thank you DL. How long was it before you got off Pred. Actually I do feel better at 5 than at 2. Can one get addicted to the stuff.? I hope not !

  • Hi again,

    Like you I started at 80mg, and it took me 4 and half years to get off completely. Although having said that I think the GCA had burnt itself out, gone into remission or whatever it does some 6 months before. I certainly felt different in myself, think I was down to about 1.5mg then, but didn't want to rock the boat, so continued to taper slowly.

    I was undiagnosed for 18months, so in all 6 years from start to finish.

    You don't get addicted, but because once you've been on it for 3 weeks or more your own adrenal glands stop working until you get down to about 7mg (which is what your body produces naturally) you can't just stop it even if your GCA has gone. You need to taper slowly.

    If you are given it for other illnesses, like asthma, and only for a week or so then you can come off it straight away because it hasn't affected your adrenal glands in that short time.

    If you do feel better at 5mg then maybe 2mg was not quite enough to keep everything dampened down, which would indicate that your GCA has not yet gone into remission. So when you reduce again, if you don't already, it might be wise to do 0.5mg a time and use a slow tapering plan. It might sound long-winded, but if it works then it's not!

    Unfortunately it takes as long as it takes - it won't be rushed!

  • Thanks Thought you were off it at 3 years. That makes me feel better. I will just go down very slowly again which is what I have been doing. I was 18 months with it before being diagnosed and now have to have cataract surgery. Have a great weekend,.

  • I had cataract op on good eye about 18months after diagnosis. Think I might have had to wait a bit longer, but I nagged the Eye Dept at every opportunity- I was going to NZ and with only one eye obviously wanted to see the country as best I could.

    Had eye tested last week, usual annual check up and was told my sight was good enough to fly a plane! Now's that's an idea for a Chrissy present🙈🤔 - or maybe not!

  • Addicted no - whatever some doctors have been heard to say.

    Your body becomes dependent on it as its own production line slows down - corticosteroid in the form of cortisol is essential to life. So below about 8 to 10mg you have to reduce slowly enough to let the system take up the slack.

    What sort of "feel better"? at 5 than 2mg?

  • Cottonwood trees are in blossom there and they really trigger hay fever. When I was visiting family there last year at this time I went into a healthy store (can't remember the name) and bought some homeopathic Hayfever tablets. They worked a great. They're called, Histaminum hydrochloricum 30 c. Hope this is helpful. Sounds like you are enjoying life where ever you are. 😉 Jan

  • Got to! My late hubby used to say - this is not a dress rehearsal, you're not coming back so enjoy every day you can!

    Not always easy, but you have to try.

  • Yes, there are many blooming bushes, trees and flowers at the moment here. I live across the street from Temple Square,the LDS Church does a magnificent job of maintaining their 35 acres there, it is gorgeous and well worth putting up with a few allergies to walk through them. Thank you for your reply and have a fantastic weekend.

  • Good for you DL, keep it up! :-)

  • Sounds good to me Dorset Lady . Glad you had a good day , you so deserve it after all the time and effort you put into this site . Always there for us all.much appreciated.

  • Sounds perfect! X

  • You continue to be an encouragement DL. So pleased that you are able to say that you have felt better than you have for years. Something for us all to look forward to and the fish and chips!!! XxJackie

  • I was eating fish and chips in Scarborough last Saturday - we deserve all the treats we can get!

    Just off to my monthly rugging meeting - wishing I wasn't going to be inside a museum all day, as it's beautiful sunshine here in West Yorkshire.

  • Ditto in Dorset!

  • Oh, the sound of Fish n Chips is making me hungry. Sun is still shining in North Somerset. Doesn't the sunshine make every problem seem less severe?!

  • Yes it does certainly lift the spirit!

  • Beautiful day here in Wiltshire, washing drying on the line, salad for tea. Maybe a glass or 2 of Elderflower Presse as well. My cat, who came back with us from Spain 2 yrs ago, is enjoying the sun laying out on the patio. Watching a Tiger Moth plane flying about around the Westbury White Horse. Hot air balloons in the sky this morning. Hope everyone's having a good day. x

  • Keep doing it, sounds good to me. Second thoughts, steady on - not too many chips! only kidding.

  • Actually I only had a child's portion, plenty for me!

  • In Whitby a child's portion is enough for both of us!

  • We're a bit more 'delicate' in Dorset - but I know what you mean!

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