Researching the side effects of Corticosteroids

I have to write a paper for Biochem, I am curious about the biochemical mechanisms of action with the use of corticosteroids. I have been asked to take them as I have developed asthma and there is word on the street that they may lead to a break down in cognitive function and speech. Dementia has made its way into my family. I understand the need for supplements and keeping the locator part of our brain engaged, as well as staying physically active. Does anyone have a background in biochem or may have a better understanding on the effects of steroids? With respect to your life experience, thank you.

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  • What is Biochem? Do you mean the Biochemical Journal? Surely you have used a literature search to find the information you are looking for? For example

    There will be many more.

    By the way - I would be inclined to ignore "word on the street" when it comes to pharmacology. There are a lot of drugs far more associated with the development of poor cognitive function than corticosteroids. They MAY cause what we call "brain fog" but so do a lot of drugs - and, in this forum's case. the illnesses for which we are required to take steroids also cause "brain fog" - most autoimmune disorders do.

    There is actually probably LITTLE need for supplements to prevent most things providing people are eating a healthy and varied diet. The vast majority of supplements being pushed only serve to fill their producer's pockets - and, in fact, an excess of a lot of supplemental substances is associated with INCREASES in certain diseases and even higher death rates in certain groups.

    I'm intrigued by your username :-)

  • Reading the name caused a 'light bulb moment'.

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