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When do you start to taper down?

Hi all,

I had another CRP count and the number went down from 32.9 to 19.6 within 8 days with 60 mg Prednison. My question is: When does your rheumy let you start with the taper process? CRP within the normal 0-5, or higher?

Thank you again for your help.

I've settled in my new life, often more energy in the morning with the higher dosage, but fatigued for the rest if the day. Or maybe I'm not good with managing my spoons? Sleep is mostly only 4.5 hours, but I have a long nap most afternoons.

Love to hear from you, Monika

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Hi Monika,

It varies from Rheumy to Rheumy it would seem to me!

You need to be on initial dose long enough to get the inflammation under control, some think two weeks is enough. I stayed on for a month, which I think is a more sensible timeframe, but sure others will disagree and say they were fine after two weeks.

I stuck to tapering about every month all the way through, allowing for the occasional blip (not a flare, just life - colds, travel, stressful times etc). Personally think that gives you more time to know whether everything is okay.

The main thing you need to remember whenever your Rheumy says taper, and in what timeframe, is that you only do it when you feel that your symptoms are controlled, if necessary confirming with blood tests.

Good to hear you're improving, but just because you have more energy in morning don't try and do too much then - that way you will definitely run out of spoons! If you did a little less in morning, you may have a little more in the afternoon.


Depends on the rheumy - lots want to see the markers well into normal range and stable. And of course no symptoms. But monthly seems fairly much the norm once you start.

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My markers have never got to normal , until very recently, in the 4plus years that I have been on Pred. and when I obeyed my previous Rheumys and reduced, I had flare upon flare. I now make my own decisions, based on my symptoms and my current Rheumy trusts me to do so. Result- fewer flares!

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Thank you all. That makes it much clearer for me. I'll have a monthly blood test now and I trust in all your experiences and will find out what my body needs. So much to learn. And DorsettLady I think you're right. My spoon management is not well developed yet. I need to learn I guess.

We had some lovely sunshine today. Hope you'll have a beautiful spring day and a good week.

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