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Raised CRP

After reducing sucessfully for at least 6 months. I have been steady on 6mg. Had a lot of health issues since November which although very varied did not seem to have a negative effect on my joints.

HOWEVER on returning to work 2 weeks ago I aquired a chest infection that knocked me out for a couple of days and my knees started ceasing, stayed at 6mg and tried to push through it. Then my shoulders started paining and my blood results came back with a crp of 38. Liver results were up again, but that's a whole other story. So I have given in and gone up to 8mg and hope that the extra 2mg will do the trick! Really gutted that after everything this PMR isn't as sorted as I thought it was !

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Aw don't be hard on yourself Sealine . Its better to be pain free and not have the inflammation in your body .

I'm in a similar situation, I've been on a maintenance dose of 5mg for over a year now . After other health issues I'm in bad pain in my biceps again . So after 5 years the PMR hasn't burnt itself out.

I'd make sure you're feeling comfortable at 8mg and stay there for a couple of weeks before starting to reduce again.

Hope you feel better soon. Take care

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Hi sealine30,

Unfortunately PMR isn't sorted as easy as that!

Anything extraordinary that comes along, like your chest infection, throws a spanner in the works, as you found out. You may have already been on the cusp of only just enough Pred with other things going on anyway, and the chest infection was the last straw. Had you increased earlier, you may have got through it better, but it's sometimes difficult to know what to do for the best.

Hopefully your increase will sort things out, but would suggest you stay on it until things have really settled before you think about reducing again. With all that's been going on, might be wiser to stay for longer than two weeks.

Your PMR is still there lurking in the background, so an extra few weeks isn't going to make a lot of difference in the great scheme of things, as Greensleeves says hers is still there after 5 years, and that's by no means unusual.

If you learn one thing about PMR, it's that it cannot be rushed!

Take care.


If I had been at 8mg after 9 months or so, even with a flare, I'd be breaking out the prosecco! (Though maybe not with the raised liver values).


An infection can raise your CRP. It needn't be anything to do with PMR/GCA. My CRP has been stubborn but is now (fingers crossed) on its way down after an op to get rid of chronic sinus infection.


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