Rheumatologist appt

Been to the consultant Thursday and I will be reducing my preds by 2mg a month for the next five months so by August I should be down to 10mg he said slowly slowly so fingers crossed , my right shoulder seems to hurt when I reduced and aches from time to time he asked if I had injured it which I had some two years ago so he is sending me for a scan. I will let you know how the reduction goes and thanks again for all your advise.

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  • Hi,

    Good luck with your reduction, but if at anytime you get a return of symptoms then wait a while, don't plough on regardless. It does sound reasonable, but it is only a plan! Real life sometimes gets in the way, so listen to your body.

  • Hope he told the PMR at the same time - it may have other ideas!

  • Slowly slowly if in pain do next reduction another day , when your ready . It sounds as though you have a good rhumy. So take his advice . He won't worry if you take longer . You do not want to go backward again , which I did . I drop 1/2 mg a month . In January got out of sink , with reduction and dropped 1. 1/2 within 10 days lot of pain ended up in A E with head pain . Had to go up with pred amount , starting to reduce again . So don't forget Slowly Slowly . Good luck .💐

  • Thanks for the reminder. Not always easy to be so patient, is it.

  • I 'planned' (ha ha) to drop 1mg a month using the dead slow regime, but my PMR has told me otherwise and I'm sticking at 7mg for a while. I had a nasty head cold and feel that this maybe set me back. The others have said it all - we must listen to our body. All the best.

  • Yes I will listen to my body ,I have GCA and have always got had a bad shoulder for over two years and when I reduce it aches more which my GP has given me pain killers for which work well,so I start my slow journey tomorrow .

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