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Absorbing pred

I have been splitting my dose of pred for some months now and find it very effective. Take 7 at night and balance at breakfast. If I only take 5mg I'm struggling by morning and it takes most of morning to feel normal

Unfortunately I'm back on 20mg and have been for a month and now beginning a dead slow taper to 19mg. Some of you may have read my previous posts about my very elevated liver function tests which although improved are still out of normal range. I'm wondering whether my liver isn't absorbing/processing the pred adequately hence why I don't feel as pain free on 20mg as I did when I first started. I'm still trying to find answers as to why I'm struggling to get pain free and taper!

It's just another theory on my part in my attempts to understand what's happening inside me!


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You just say "pred" - are you in the UK or the USA? Is it prednisone or prednisolone? There is a significant difference for you at least.


Apologies I'm in UK and its prednisolone. I forget we are an international community.


In that case your liver status shouldn't be a problem - prednisolone is the active form, it is prednisone that must be metabolised in the liver and why prednisolone is preferred for people with potential or actual liver problems.

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