Plasma viscosity result, PMR?

Hi all, i need a bit off advice, ive been aching for a long time all over and stiff in the mornings, spesh winter and espically this winter worse really cant get going for an hour, can't sleep properly, really drained/shattered all the time can be fine then drained the next had blood tests and they showed, above average ramge plasma viscosity of 1.9 mpas ment to be under 1.7, gp sent me for 4 more capsules of blood redoing inflammation and checking other things? Unsure what it could be im

36 and put it down to old age as everyone keeps saying but i feel its more x

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  • If you are only 36 you are very young for it to be PMR - and you may struggle to find a rheumatologist who will diagnose it as such. PMR though is the name given to a set of symptoms that are caused by an underlying disorder and there are several possibilities. So I hoe your GP looks for them - and then refers you to a rheumatologist for their opinion.

  • Thank you PMRpro, get next results tuesday coming and gp seems

    To be looking for things its just frustrating have blood test in 2 weeks come for results in 2 weeks want to retest blood in another 2 weeks come for results in another 2 weeks i know things take time but thinking will i now be sent for another 2 weeks just would

    Like more of an answer

  • Why do you need to wait 2 weeks between blood being taken and getting results? Bit slow!

  • Thats all they say make

    An appoinment for 2 weeks time for bloods doing then i go to nurse and she says make an appoinment for 2 weeks time then when i do at receptionist she then says we like to say 2 weeks as they should all be back by then, its all a bit frustrating tbh

  • They aren't in pain! But I see their point! System here is rather better - blood gets taken at the hospital and they tell you when the results will be available - and you can go in and fetch them. Soon we will be able to access them from home! And GP don't have appointments, it's turn up on the day and wait - so you are always seen same day.

  • Sounds amazing mines just gp and nurse

    For blood tests at min no

    Idea what's gonna show up, knee aches got skull Ache and something has started clonking in my lower back/spine /saroiliac area, no pain i can just hear and feel it 😬 Its all very strange. I dont know if its some

    Type of arthritas /fibromayalga or what my other gp has just put pain down to old herniated disk pain but this is different and its all over now gradually come on from lower back and legs to left knee hips to top of spine middle of shoulders arms and the weird skull ache too very odd

  • My GP practice is just that - just the GP. No receptionist, no nurse, just her and her computer with access to the hospital notes and her examination room. She does certain injections and warfarin monitoring with finger prick samples but never takes blood for anything else - in our case we go to the hospital but in other villages you attend a nurse-led clinic as it is too far.

  • I can access my medical records and results online at home - bloods, DEXA scan etc. Blood results are sometimes there the same day! DEXA scan took just 6 days to be reported - my GP texted me with the result, but then I could go online to read the full report. I order my repeat meds online and I can make my future appointments to see the GP online, but can also phone up on the day to talk to the duty doctor and be seen if they consider it necessary. (West Yorkshire, UK). Ask at the surgery, Cookie16, if they have this system up and running where you are. They don't seem to advertise it, but I saw a small notice in the waiting area when the nurse was running late for one of my blood tests last year, so signed up for it.

  • Hello Cookie16. My GCA started with dreadful skull/scalp ache 10 years ago. Don't leave it...see someone soon!

  • Hi karools16 i dont know much about GCA but indo also get tbrobbing and pain in my left temple too when i do get a headache, but as a child i used to have awful headaches to the point i couldnt stand light or noise x these are like thise but had years of nothing till now x

  • Really worrying really as my mum had a brain hemmoridge 12 years ago due to high bp which i too suffer from

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