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Just returned from Lanzarote where I have been for 3 weeks in pain trying to sort out dosage .You may remember I recently diagnosed PMR & my go put me on 30mg for 2 weeks,20mg 2 weeks then 15mg.Only got to 3 days of 20mg then ugh pain severe headache temperal lobe area & sensitive head.Phoned another gp go back to 30mg.So saw original gp yesterday ........didn't understand why this has happened?? Maybe it's the increase in Steroids? Maybe it's neuralgia? Can't think why you were doing so well on 30mg!

At that point I asked to see a Rheumatologist to which he agreed but said it would take 2-4 months so I am going privately.Didnt eleven trust him to contact consultant so I came home phoned Rheumys secretary & as luck would have it there was a cancellation so it's 11.30 today....fingers crossed.Thankyou you ever gave me advice on Dr,Thomas at the James Paget as its him I am seeing.

Will keep you all informed.

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Good luck Glyngin! So sorry you've had to go through the hoops first. I hope 2017 is your year. Merry Christmas!

Let us know how you get on.


Good luck with Dr Thomas I am under him he's very good. You must be near me somewhere I'm in Corton. We will have to have a chat.Please let me know how you get on.


Am I remembering rightly - you presented with headache and he decided PMR?

"saw original gp yesterday ........didn't understand why this has happened??" - er, COULD it possibly be GCA??

I don't know - I thought that since Southend has a fast-track GCA service they might have trained ALL GPs within reach what PMR and GCA are. Apparently not...


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