Help if possible!

Hi, I am seeking some guidance and help as have been suffering for over 2 months now with some disease which the docs are unable to properly diagnose and it is difficult at times for me n the family, any suggestions would be a big help 🙏

I have excruciating pain in my chest (right) and entire shoulder to upper back region of the right, have plueral effusion with about 150-180 cc of fluid and some web like structures, ESR was 110 then 90 then 50 and latest is 88. There is water retention and a spur too on the left foot and that ankle swells up if I walk little. My temperature has been on high side in the initial 1.5 months and it's little better now but still I get fever almost everyday since past 2 months. Body aches, weakness, sleeplessness, low BP sometimes 90/60 and sometimes very fast heart beats, short breath, cough and cold since 2 months, pain upon coughing or breathing or even lying down on right region. Random rotating swellings in the arms and legs and knees... Am just fed up and tired now of multiple tests, multiple docs & all the associated pain and helplessness. If you know anything please help 🙏 may the goddess bless you, thank you in advance.

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  • I'm sorry if I sound unhelpful - but what you describe really doesn't match with anything that any of us experience with the illness this forum is aimed at. i do hope you find an answer soon.

  • My hubby had similar symptoms some months ago and difficulty getting a diagnosis. Five courses of antibiotics later he sought a private consultation and the definitive diagnosis was pleurisy and pneumonia. I do hope you will soon get a diagnosis and the right treatment to make you better.

  • I thought this sounded more like pleurisy/pneumonia too. I have had pleurisy and one doctor didn't diagnose it and a few days later one did. I would ask to see a respiratory specialist -- or go to A and E. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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