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I've just woken up and my left eyelid has dropped and my eye looks much smaller, I have a slight pain in my temple. I have PMR diagnosed since March ( sure I had it much much longer) and in the last few days have dropped to 10 predict one from 11. I am in the south of Spain at the moment and luckily have Spanish private insurance. Any thoughts please???

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i would go and get it checked out since it isn't going to be a problem finding a doctor.

I KNOW we had a similar question some time ago and there was something about ptosis (the drooping eyelid) but I can't remember what it was. It can be caused by a problem with a facial nerve and I suppose if the blood supply to that nerve is affected by GCA it could lead to it appearing in GCA although it isn't a usual sign. In fact, I've finally found the paper I was looking for:

"Diplopia, ptosis, and hepatitis as presenting signs and symptoms of giant cell arteritis"

Do you have any double vision? Especially early in the morning, even if it is short-lived?You have PMR, you have temple pain - it could all be associated.


PMRPro thank you very much, no I don't have double vision, I'm not quit sure whether to go to my go here who doesn't know much or take a taxi to the main hospital 20 kilometres away or go to a orthamcologist - sorry wrong spelling!, ??? Sorry to ask you! I'm in Spain.


I suppose you could start with the GP if they are round the corner so to speak. Do you mean ophthalmologist, eye specialist? Is that easier? Though you'd get that at the hospital too.

Don't know really - when I was a bit worried about possible GCA I went to the local hospital here in Italy. All I had was double vision and I saw the rheumy the next day - he wasn't in the hospital the first day but the triage took me seriously immediately and apologised I couldn't see him.


Yes the go belongs to a local hospital clinic nearby and will see me. If he thinks it is urgent I will go to their hospital further away, meantime I have an appointment now with an orthamcologist who I wanted to see anyway and have an appointment tomorrow. That's wonderful THankyou such a relief to be able to connect with you on this forum.

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Good - all sounds like a plan!


At my first visit to the rheumy for PMR diagnosis, as she started the examination the first thing she asked was how long my left eyelid had been 'drooping'.....I had no idea, hadn't even noticed....but realized after that it came for short periods but left for long periods and has done so now for over two years ....the rheumy didn't make any further comment as to its significance and I always forgot to ask....


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