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Weight gain!,,,,,,

I was doing really well at first, then after a flare up I was back on 15mg and this time I haven't been able to control my appetite. I've gained 7 pounds in two weeks and I'm just craving food all the time. It's such a shame because I had managed to loose one stone in 7 weeks with slimming world. Anyway, after having two weeks off dieting, I'm going back to s/w today and I'm going to fight the steroids! 😹 It's so hard to except this horrid PMR, Sunday we went for a family walk and I can normally manage about one hour but after 20 mins I had pain, felt dizzy and exhausted. Haven't been to the gym for two weeks as I can't face it too. I hate this.......... Anyway, that's my rant for today. One more week on 15mg then I start reducing again but this time the consultant has said after 12.5 for three weeks I then reduce 1mg per month. I really hope this works. 😸🌻

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Stick with it Zellamze - you've got the appetite under control previously and you will do again. I sympathise and empathise as on my 40mg starting dose I was ravenous. I used to prepare a small extra portion of evening meal and have that the following day as an extra meal, so rather than having the usual three meals a day I had four smaller meals to keep me going, at the same time trying to stick to known anti-inflammatory foods, including diuretic foods to try and avoid steroid-induced fluid retention. Good luck with your return to S/W.


Some of that gain may be fluid, so a bit easier to lose ,I hope so as I am constantly fighting t his battle. carrots celery and xylitol mints or gum help a bit good luck patsy69


Weight gain is such an evil side effect. I gained 3 stone in 3months! Try sticking to the original Red diet on slimming world. As low carb as possible. I've just started on a keto way of eating which is very low carb but high fat. This kick starts your metabolism and is also an anti- inflammatory way of eating. I'm only 3 days in but have noticed that my hands aren't as swollen as usual. Hope that helps. Good luck on your journey. Xx


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I hope so too for you, I was at the doc today and he has warned me to reduce my pred intake slowly and not to hurry. I have also gained another 4lbs since last week even after controlling my diet. Just have to work a little harder to loose weight on my upper belly and slight moon face.




Buy a cucumber and wrap it in foil. When hungry cut one inch and eat.

This gives you most minerals and water that you need and alleviates hunger pangs.

Tips and Tricks are contained in the booklet called 'Living with PMR & GCA.


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